If you space a beginner, you have probably wondered even if it is you have the right to use steel BBs instead of plastic BBs in her airsoft gun. Here we will clarify this issue and also give friend the arguments on when and also why you must use plastic BBs and metal BBs. Let"s dive ideal in.

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Are steel BBs perfect for use in one Airsoft Gun?

The short answer is no. There room a few reasons for this answer. First, civilization have been using steel BBs in airsoft guns and have noticed different problems.

The main issue exposed early is that steel BBs are smaller sized than one airsoft pistol needs. You could have noticed that the airsoft gun provides BB pellets in between 6mm and 8mm in diameter.

On the other hand, BB weapons usually have 4.5mm diameter, which provides the metal BBs too tiny to be perfect for an airsoft gun.

You might try to find a bigger dimension of steel BBs come fit the gun. However, if you perform so, friend will notice that her gun will gradually lose its performance over time. This is because the airsoft gun is not developed to use steel BBs.

Using steel BBs will produce damage within the airsoft gun, specifically the inside barrel. The damaged barrel will affect the airsoft gun"s accuracy and also land friend a pricey repair bill.

Another worry in using steel BBs in one airsoft total is the power. The airsoft pistol is designed to fire plastic BBs — so, theoretically, you could imagine that placing a 6mm BB pellet within an airsoft total will work-related well.

Metal is denser than plastic, and also this will certainly make the projectile fall shorter than if girlfriend fire plastic BBs. Additionally, firing metal rather of plastic have the right to lead to fatal wounds if someone is hit.

Some people additionally experimented through the usual 4.5mm steel BBs we stated earlier. The problem is that the airsoft total is made for a larger diameter, so presenting BBs that are smaller can reason them to acquire stuck in the barrel. If you save trying come shoot, this will result in jamming and also damaging the bucking, air nozzle, or the cylinder head.

So, the main idea is that metal BBs space not perfect for airsoft guns. By do the efforts to usage these, girlfriend will many likely damage your airsoft gun. Always follow the instructions you are given to protect against wasting her money top top unnecessary repairs.


Are steel BBs for sure to Use?

Well, no. First, you are forbidden come use metal BBs in airsoft fields. The steel of the BBs is denser than plastic, which way that if they fight anyone, lock will quickly perforate their skin and can also lead come deadly injuries.

If girlfriend shoot steel BBs right into concrete or metal, it will certainly most most likely break into numerous pieces the will spread everywhere, putting you and also others roughly you at a far-ranging risk that injury. Airsoft fields are just for plastic BBs.

If you use steel BBs in other cases such as the one explained below, make certain you room at a for sure shooting distance.

Metal BBs must only be used on a exercise range. Lock are an ext accurate contrasted to airsoft guns.

Although the metal BBs are smaller sized than the plastic ones, they are an ext dangerous because they room denser, which enables them to break with the skin. Therefore, you have to never shoot metal BBs at other people — only use them in ~ the exercise range.

On the other hand, airsoft weapons with plastic BBs have the right to be provided for gamings played versus each other. This is (relatively) harmless because the BBs space not metal, yet plastic.

If you get hit through plastic BBs, this will certainly not perforate the skin — instead, friend will obtain a soft sting after being shot, and also the pain will go far within a few seconds.

Final Thoughts

So, can you put steel BBs in an airsoft gun? No, you have to not attempt to use steel BBs in an airsoft gun. However if you look in ~ two weapons — one airsoft and also a BB gun, friend will many likely an alert that they are identical.

If you take it a look at the slide, you can easily spot i m sorry one is which. BB weapons have ".177cal" written on them in white, while airsoft firearms are identified by the "Cal.6mm" message on them.

Overall, store yourself and also others safe and use only the plastic BBs designated for your airsoft gun.

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Metal BBs should never it is in fired at difficult surfaces together as steel or concrete, and also they room made just for the practice range — they space forbidden top top the airsoft field.