Do you very own a Gameboy Color and wondered about playing the Gameboy advancement games on your device? Maybe one of your friends has actually extra gamings that you desire to play, yet you want to make certain they work. Well, in this article, we will certainly answer all of your questions around the Gameboy advancement and color games.

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So will certainly Gameboy advancement games work on the Gameboy Color?

Although Gameboy color games occupational on the more recent Gameboy Advance, the Gameboy advance games execute not job-related on the Gameboy color as that system is older.

If you want to know more about the Gameboy development games and also Gameboy shade games working, girlfriend will want to keep reading. Friend can likewise watch this video clip that compares the Gameboy development to the Gameboy Color.

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What will certainly the original Gameboy games work on?

Original Gameboy games are well-known for your compatibility and also functionality during the Gameplay. The games will smoothly work-related on Gameboy, Gameboy Pocket, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, and Gameboy breakthrough SP systems. ~ above the other hand, Gameboy advance games will work-related on Gameboy Micro, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy development SP, DS, and also DS Lite Systems. Lock will likewise not run on the DSi, DSi XL, or the 3DS.

Clone Games and also Clone mechanism Compatibility

Over the past few years, many species of game consoles have been released. Numerous clone gamings have recently come into existence and also were bought by people. Plenty of clone systems were exit after the original Nintendo system was released. Several of the clone solution were the Yobo, GEN-Nex, FC Twin, and also others.

However, some of these systems games do market some an excellent features and they were dependable at a short price, castle were no compatible through all Nintendo games. Some of the manufacturers do claim that lock don’t have actually 100% similarities, however a couple does make the guarantee also though that is no true.

None the the resellers accomplish all the needs of the games as they develop low-quality sound and also video. On the other hand, lock were incredibly close that a reasonable human wouldn’t even notice that it’s a clone game besides the very low price.

Below we’ve mentioned a perform of Nintnendo gamings that are not compatible with any of the new Gameboy systems.

BattletoadsCastlevania IIIGauntletPaperboyBandit queens of ancient ChinaChallenge that the DragonCheetahmen IICrystal MinesGemfireIncredible Crash DummiesJordan vs. Bird One ~ above OneKing Neptune’s AdventureKrion ConquestLaser InvasionL’EmpereurMenace BeachNobunaga’s ambitious IIPipe DreamRad Racer IIRomance the the three Kingdoms IIUncharted WatersWWF King of the RingWWF Wrestlemania Challenge

Can game Boy gamings be play on the video game Boy Color?

You can play Gameboy gamings on the video game Boy Color. They’ll job-related fine. We have actually tried and tested these gamings on Gameboy color and also have never ever had any problems. If the is a dual-mode cartridge (Generally that come with dark grey or black color plastic housing, in the exact same size and shape prefer the initial Gameboy cartridge) it should have shade to the (a 56 color palette), ~ above the off chance, the it is the consistent light gray plastic housing on the cart, it will have actually a 4-10 color palette.

Below we will go end what Gameboy games work through what system.

Game Boy advance Games

Some of the games screen up to 512 colors indigenous a color board of as much as 32,768 colors. ~ above the other hand, some video game packs room about half the dimension of all other Gameboy video game packs. Cartridge size does matter in this regard. Come clarify, the packaging of these games also justifies the these games are only for the Gameboy Advance.

Game Boy color Games

Games that use up to 56 colors from a color pension of 32,768 throughout Gameplay. Gameboy video game paks do have transparent plastic housing and also cover. The packaging of this games likewise indicated clearly that these gamings are “Only for the Gameboy Color.” return these gamings will additionally work top top the newer Gameboy systems as well. They will run on a Gameboy advance and Gameboy development SP.

Screen size can be conveniently switched in between standard Gameboy size and Gameboy development while playing these two games. You can easily switch in in between screens by pressing the together & R buttons from your control. It might distort the photo size on your screen, which may seem stroked nerves to you sometimes.

Dual setting Games

These will certainly run on all Gameboy systems, excluding the Gameboy micro. While playing the Gameboy development or the Gameboy Color, castle may have 56 colors out of a color board of 32,768 at a time. While on the other hand, once utilizing the original Gameboy or Gameboy pocket, they will certainly run four shades the gray.

These game packs have actually a dark gray or black plastic housing/coverage. Screen size might be switched in between. Friend can adjust the screen size by simply pressing l & R buttons.

Original Gameboy Games

The initial Gameboy gamings may work-related on every systems, but it will lack some of the good features of the game. Except for the Gameboy Micro, these game paks will job-related with all Gameboy systems and also will only display screen 4 – 10 colors when being supplied on the Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, or Gameboy advance SP. Shade schemes deserve to be readjusted by utilizing the distinctive palettes.

To clarify, when these games are operation on a video game Boy or game Boy Pocket, lock will appear in 4 shades that gray. These game Packs have actually a grey color plastic housing.

Except because that the Gameboy tiny scale, these video game paks will work-related with every Gameboy frameworks and will display 4 – 10 hues when used on the Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, or Gameboy advancement SP.

When these games are played on the Gameboy or Gameboy Pocket, lock will present up in 4 shades of dim.

An incredibly modest variety of older gamings may not work as necessary on the Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, or Gameboy advancement SP. Crucial manifestations include mixed pictures, blur images, absent graphic designs, or sound quality issues.

When play these gamings on a Gameboy advancement or Gameboy advancement SP, the screen size have the right to be switched by pressing the l or R buttons.


Now the you recognize the old Gameboy games will job-related on the newer systems, you have the right to be certain to purchase a newer system to play all of your larger games. The downside is that if you have actually newer games from a more recent system, they perform not occupational on the larger Gameboy systems. This is since the new systems are backwards compatible, yet the older systems have the right to not beat the newer gamings as lock have much more technology in them the the larger console can not understand.

So if you own a Gameboy Advance, you can play every one of your Gameboy color games, but if her friend has actually some Gameboy development games that you desire to pat on her Gameboy Color, they will not work.

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Nintnedo has actually done a good job of providing their client what castle want. They have actually made every one of their Gameboys backwards compatible which is something most companies carry out not do today as it makes them more money when you need to buy brand-new games.

No issue if you own the Gameboy advancement or the Gameboy Color, both the these devices are fun to play, and also a blast no matter just how old friend are!