Today ns am sharing with you my peak ten DIY tips because that mixing together leftover paints (and actually be able to use the paint when you are done).

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A few days ago I shared with you just how I took 29 (more 보다 half-used) gallons that leftover paint and started mixing till I got enough paint to cover my living room walls. This shade has turned the end to it is in my favourite in the house, thus far! It’s much nicer 보다 I supposed it come be. It’s a great job the my furniture additionally this shade of repaint as i would’ve been in search because that the ideal online internal design firm that i can discover to aid me look at for piece that would look great with this paint. Through that being said, it still doesn’t prevent me from updating them in ~ a later date. I simply want to check out how whatever else turns out first. I have additionally mixed repaint together because that the large wall in the studio and the fast update to the wall in front of the basement door. And although ns didn’t re-publishing these projects with you, I combined together leftover paints to repaint our maximum floor hallway, ours front entrance, and the room we plan on transforming into a nursery.

In other words, I have a most experience mixing together leftover paints…and then making use of them!


So, without additional ado, right here are my…

10 DIY Tips for Mixing with each other Leftover Paints

Tip #1 – Look for sales on basic white paint

Every therefore often, Menards will offer the straightforward white, level gallon paint that is complimentary after rebates. When that time comes, stock up! Recently, us were able to score five gallons for free and it is what I offered as a base to mix together all of our leftover paints.

Tip #2 – Invest in a pair good 5 gallon buckets through lids

We will probably never use the buckets for anything various other than repaint storage again, however you could totally clean these out after you space done mix to have actually them it is in reusable. Because that us, we simply keep adding white or various leftover paint to the bucket to come up v a brand-new color because that the following room! But, ns would like to suggest out exactly how much more useful a bucket (with lid) is matches a leftover repaint can, so the is a good, environmentally friendly, investment!

Tip #3 – obtain yourself prepared prior to mixing

Some that the things you are going to want to have actually on hand (right by her side) together you begin mixing, include:

paper towels…for you, your floors, and so forthnewspaper (or various other floor covering) inserted on the floor of the mix areapaint brushes – as you mix paint, take a bit and also paint the on the wall to see how you choose itand, of course, your leftover paint!

Tip #4 – Invest in good storage containers because that the touch-up paint you have to save

After you have mixed together your paint in the 5 gallon bucket, ns recommend saving sufficient of the color so the you deserve to touch up repaint for years to come. Use containers that have a flat top (that have the right to be quickly stacked) with tight fitting, screw-on lids. Our repaint storage area has become an extremely organized through these bad boys indigenous Amazon:

4 oz clean Plastic pets (BPA Free) travel Jar v Black Smooth Lid- (6 Pack)


Tip #5 – only mix the exact same “type” of repaint together

As us all know, oil does not mix through water. Therefore, only mix oil based paints in addition to other oil based paints. Water-based paints must only be mixed with other water-based paints. Many of the paints we had actually leftover to be water-based, therefore it to be pretty straight-forward because that us! girlfriend will recognize if you have mixed two of the opposite species together when your liquid starts to look favor curdled cheese.

Also, just mix inner paints v other internal paints and also only mix exterior paints with other exterior paints.

Tip #6 – keep the color wheel in mind

If you have actually a red paint and also you mix it through a yellow paint, you are going to finish up through an orange paint.

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Tip #7 – Mixing different “sheens” is okay!

Yes, you deserve to mix a flat paint v a high gloss paint. Just keep in mind that the much more flat paint you add, the less glossy your repaint will be and vice-versa.

Tip #8 – thoroughly mix the leftover paint prior to mixing it v another

If girlfriend are prefer us, you have actually paint that is really old. Ns am no exaggerating as soon as I say we had leftover repaint from 2001. Us aren’t even sure wherein the paint had actually been offered originally. You simply want come max sure you mix earlier together every one of the colours in the paint to for sure you room actually adding colored repaint together.

However, if the leftover paint is tho lumpy after mix it because that a bit, or friend see indications of bacterial growth (brown or white clues on the height upon opening can), perform not usage it. And also check the label. Paint made prior to 1978 might contain lead, and paint made prior to 1991 might contain mercury.

Tip #9 (maybe the most vital tip!) – that is harder to lighten a dark shade than it is come darken a irradiate color

We learned this great the tough way.

We had a almost-completely-unused gallon that the chocolate-y purple color from our guest bedroom it to be a case where us ran out of paint with 3 feet left to paint on the wall, so us bought a whole new gallon. Rather of including this darker shade to white paint, we tried adding white paint to this dark color.

Luckily, after establish what was going to happen after adding a totality gallon that white to this dark purple paint, i started adding in browns and also beiges (to get the hue far from purple and much more towards a brown) and also hoped us didn’t finish up v something as well dark. After including in browns and getting a hue ns was happy with, ns topped off the five gallon bucket through white paint, to be lucky enough to uncover it wasn’t as well dark, and also that is what we provided in our life room!

Had we started with white paint and then slowly added some of the purple paint to the bucket, us would have actually been much better able to manage how lot purple was incorporated and how dark it was. Things cleared up for us, yet it can have to be a five-gallons-worth-of-paint disaster!

Tip #10 – shot to keep tabs with how much paint, in total, you have actually mixed and also mix sufficient for her project

Relatively speaking, if you room mixing paint in a 5 gallon bucket, as soon as the paint is around half-way up the bucket you understand you have about 2.5 gallons. Ns would imply not having any less 보다 this mixed for a “standard” size room. The worst case scenario would certainly be to not have sufficient paint…remember, you space mixing leftover paint and did not choose this indigenous a shade swatch in ~ the repaint center!

Also, a reminder around Tip #4 – you will want about a quart the leftover paint to save on hand for touchups over the years )unless you are prefer my mom and like to repaint virtually every room every year).

All in all, mixing with each other paints is no hard and can it is in a really inexpensive method to refresh or update your house (as lengthy as you are not dead-set top top a details color)! when it is every said and also done, we will have spent around $100, in total, to paint 80% of our home! That, my friends, is a pretty good deal.

Just remember come work progressively and include colors in little increments together this is yes, really the an enig in mix leftover paints as soon as trying to develop something new.

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