Misuse of asthma medication deserve to be divide in two ways- wrong dosage and management of the medication, or use by one individual other than the whom the medication has been prescribed to. The emphasis here will certainly be on the latter; as intentional misuse the asthma inhalers has not been broadly examined. <1>

Use of who else’s prescription asthma medication may not have to take location with the on purpose of getting high; a survey of Detroit center school college student reported using someone else’s inhaler for reasons such as assist with breathing, boosted lung capacity throughout exercise, or boosted concentration and also alertness.

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Misuse may occur by students through or there is no asthma, v the second group gift of specific concern. Usage of who else’s inhaler medication to relax acute asthmatic symptoms may not be problematic, however use that inhaler medicine in the lack of asthma may be concerned future problem use. <1, 2>

The brand-new Gateway Drug?

Misuse of asthma medication shows up to occur primarily in adolescents, v 15% of students in qualities 8 and 9 reporting having actually used one inhaler prescribed to who else. Based upon a cross-sectional examine of center school students, misuse occurred in students between grades 5 and also 10, with the highest rates arising in eighth and also ninth grade students.

Researchers imply that students that misuse asthma medication space at higher risk of smoking cigarettes cigarettes, binge drinking alcohol, using marijuana or other illicit drugs, compared with college student who execute not misuse medication. <2>

Students native the Detroit survey suggested obtaining inhalers v friends or family members; inhalers were usually reported to have been ‘borrowed’, although part students admitted come stealing the medicine from others. <2>

Easy-to-access substances favor asthma medication might be the very first step under the route to future substance use, prompting the need for prevention and also awareness program in college student in this period group. <4>

While misuse of asthma inhalers is a relatively new phenomenon, use of inhalants to acquire high has actually been about for numerous years. Recorded use of medical gases such as ether, nitrous oxide, or chloroform because that the objective of changing the mind-state very first appeared in the so late 19th century. <5> other inhalants incorporate such points as hairspray, paint thinner, correctional fluid, butane, or propane. <3>

Misuse of Asthma Inhalers

The side effects linked with usage of asthma inhalers include increased heart rate, raised alertness, and also increased lung capacity, in addition to soft euphoria and also intoxication. A slight anti-depressant result has been noted, which can be associated to increased use. <1, 2>

Stephanie Sands is currently pursuing a Bachelor the Science level in Kinesiology, majoring in mental Sciences. She perfect an Honors degree in Psychology in 2012, focusing on eat disorders and also personality. She intends to combine her education background right into a holistic well-being practice, to strengthen mental health and wellness through a combination of counselling, physics activity, and also nutrition coaching.

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