What are the explanations, why knights cannot produce an extra tempo about 64 squares top top the board?



Is the really possible to checkmate with two knights and king against a king?

Theoretically, the checkmate is possible, but you have the right to not execute it in practice unless the weaker side enables you to. This is concerned a border in the method knight moves.

There is a mating position with this however no extra tempo to carry out it in genuine game.

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What space the explanations, why knights cannot produce an extra tempo around 64 squares ~ above the board?

There room two reasons:

They can not execute it since they deserve to not move to an additional square while maintaining the vault one in control ( favor bishop and also many other pieces can ) and also because they need too much time to position themselves properly.


Take the complying with position together an example:

<fen "8/8/8/8/4B3/8/P7/K1k5 w - - 0 1">This position is won for White due to the fact that he have the right to play v bishop <strong>and retain control</strong> over c2 square ( 1.Bh7for instance ), which will produce <em>zugzwang</em>. Together you say in her question, White will certainly "lose tempo" and force black color to move his king away.</p><p>Now analysis this place with a knight instead of a bishop:</p><p><Title "If it is White to relocate this is a draw"><fen "8/8/8/8/3N4/8/P7/K1k5 w - - 0 1">Why is this endgame only a draw? due to the fact that White <strong>can not</strong> relocate <strong>and keep manage over c2 square.</strong> This way that the <strong>can not</strong> develop <em>zugzwang</em>, or together you speak he have the right to not "lose tempo" to pressure Black king away. </p><p>Without the ability to develop <em>zugzwang</em> friend are simply not may be to edge the the contrary king.</p><p><em>DEMONSTRATING KNIGHT"S inability TO position ITSELF appropriately :</em></p><p>As because that the placing problem, us shall take a look in ~ the listed below diagrams:</p><p><Title "Agile and also swift bishop"><fen "8/8/8/8/8/1K1N4/3B4/1k6 w - - 0 1">1.Nb4 Ka1 2.Nc2+ Kb1 3.Na3+ Ka1 4.Bc3#Here, bishop needed <strong>1 move</strong> to with the mating square. Notice that the endgame <strong>would be drawn</strong>, just as the one through two knights, if bishop was no able to with c3 <strong>in one move.</strong></p><p>In the adhering to diagram you will see that knight requirements <strong>more moves to with the mating square</strong>, which permits the weaker next to draw: </p><p><Title "Clumsy knight"><fen "8/8/8/8/8/1K1N4/4N3/1k6 w - - 0 1">1.Nb4 Ka1 2.Nc2+ Kb1 3.Na3+ Ka1and right here Ne2 <strong>needs 2 moves</strong> to reach c2 and also deliver checkmate. </p><p>Remember this: Knights suffer <strong>great difficulties</strong> when they need to reposition themselves between <strong>short distant squares</strong> in a <strong>short notice.</strong> This is <strong>often</strong> difficult task because that them. The following instance demonstrates clearly what i mean:</p><p><Title "Slow knight"><fen "8/8/8/8/8/1K5p/6N1/1k6 w - - 0 1">In this place we have the right to see how tough it is because that the items to position himself <strong>fast</strong> come a square <strong>nearby</strong> choose f3 or g4. Again he needs <strong>2 moves</strong> to perform this and also thus he fails to conserve the game.</p><h2>SUMMARY:</h2><p>Knight"s means of moving provides him capacity to "do the impossible". He deserve to "jump over" obstacles, his attacks can not be stopped, his line of fire deserve to not be extended or intercepted, but all this beautiful functions come v a price. That is <strong>slow and also clumsy</strong> once he requirements to reposition himself to a square in that is proximity, and also if player can not "buy" him enough time to do that then knight stops working to achieve this task.<br><br>See more: <a href="https://aramuseum.org/what-does-dropped-the-ball-mean/" title="What Does Dropped The Ball Mean ? (With Pictures) Drop The Ball Definition & Meaning">What Does Dropped The Ball Mean ? (With Pictures) Drop The Ball Definition & Meaning</a><br><br></p><p>Hopefully this post answers your question. 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