HI , ns live in the islands where we dont require catalytic converters. I have actually a resistor the I usage to bypass the cat converter on mine Toyota Tacoma.I acquired it from an electronics guy in Virginia. Does anyone know where I have the right to get another one from.thanks.

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HI , that a resistor the replaces the oxygen sensor (i think), for this reason the cat converter is bypassed. The computer only demands a analysis of 50 ohms native the o2 sensor to store the "check engine " irradiate off.So a resistor have the right to replace the o2 sensor to bypass the cat converter.it has operated for me because that 4 years... Conserves me gas too!!!thanks
resistorok.....why climate don"t friend just brief the O2 sensor connector with a 50 ohm resistor from radio shack????
Three sensors, former O2 sensor have to not acquire bypassed nor have to it need bypassed, the overheat sensor in the cat deserve to just hang, the behind O2 sensor is probably the one you room bypassing, i am unfamiliar through its location exactly, is it placed in the cat more to its rear. Over there is a kit obtainable to mount the O2 sensor in whatever pipe you want to screw that into but your alternative is much less expensive i am sure.
The computer system only demands a reading of 50 ohms indigenous the O2 sensor to keep the "check engine " light off.

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This might be the situation with pre OBD-II vehicles, yet the PCM ~ above OBD-II vehicles generally monitors the solution of the behind O2 sensor (sensor 2) in relation to the major sensor(s) (sensor 1, financial institution 1 or 2) and also it likes to view a slow, gradual change. There is no method a solved resistor will avoid the MIL comes on, the PCM requirements to check out this differing voltage - by design.There space black box designed to "mimic" the calculation of a appropriately functioning rear O2 sensor (sensor 2), however I uncover these boxes frequently prevent OBD-II readiness flags from setting for some reason.For years - OBD-I and
OBD-II - the catalyst has become a very integral component of engine subsystems, and also removing/bypassing them often causes more harm than good. The engine and its subsystems room specifically calibrated for the backpressure emerged by the cat, and also removing the cat doesn"t permit the main O2 sensor(s) enough gas sampling. The result often is the PCM analysis the exhaust stream as "lean" and orders much more fuel come the injectors in response. There is no rise in fuel economy or power unless:a) the PCM is re calibrated b) the O2 sensor(s) are re calibratedAlso, save in mental a number of EGR systems need a specific amount of backpressure to operate correctly, and without the backpressure the EGR will not open. No EGR = burned valves and also perhaps pistons.I can"t to speak I"m thrilled about any of this, however cats are a means automotive life - leaving them alone and/or replace them if need be.JoeIf you discovered this details helpful, please assistance aramuseum.org!