You have the right to only remove Splat hair dye beforehand if your hair is 100% healthy.

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In the case, you have the right to use a clarifying shampoo, a mixture of baking soda and also lemon, and also ultimately, bleach it. If your hair is bad damaged or showing indicators of dehydration, the ideal is come wait until the colors fade with washing.

Are you exhausted of fantasy colors?

Didn’t you choose that green you’ve been dreaming about for a lengthy time and that you accomplished thanks come a Splat dye?

Do you want to go back to your pre-Splat color?

It happens a lot once you apply fantasy colors.

While it’s one adventure to adjust your look with a unique and also distinct color, maintaining Splat hair dye can be rather annoying.

And the great news is the you deserve to remove your Splat color as long as her hair is healthy or medium-healthy.

What do I median if her hair is healthy? have the right to you take a small test?

Removing Splat hair dye through clarifying shampoo: because that moderately damaged hair


Clarifying shampoo is best for remove Splat hair dye native moderately damaged hair. That’s dried hair the doesn’t rest or fall out easily.

Why have the right to you usage this kind of shampoo to remove Splat dye?

Because that doesn’t save developer or ammonia. However, it’s strong enough to produce a chemistry reaction that causes the hair fiber come expel the fabricated color.

It’ll eliminate the pigments from the Splat dye, exposing her previous color.

Removing Splat dye through baking soda and also lemon: only for healthy hair


This homemade mixture will eliminate the Splat dye since baking soda opens up the cuticles to expel the hair color. Also, the lemon juice collection has lightening effects.

Although it’s useful, it’s still corrosive. I just recommend it if your hair is healthy.

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Removing Splat dye with a bleaching session: for an extremely healthy hair


Bleaching is a very aggressive process. So, it need to be one option only for absolutely healthy and an extremely well cared for hair.

Think around it: do you really have to remove the Splat dye?

Is it precious exposing her hair to a process as aggressive together bleaching, knowing that the dye will disappear v washings?