What is alternative current (AC)?

AC, or alternate current, describes a voltage or existing scale whose size and direction readjust regularly and also periodically end time.

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The waveform diagram of alternative current is shown in the number below:


What is Direct existing (DC)?

Direct Current, described as the DC,also well-known as “constant current”. The magnitude and also direction the the direct current remain unchanged. Usual DC strength sources incorporate batteries, lead-acid batteries, and also dry batteries.

The waveform that DC power is presented in the number below:


Several basic concepts about current:

Take sinusoidal alternative current together an example:


Peak: The maximum value of sinusoidal alternate current in a cycle, denoted together Vpk.

Please note that the adhering to signals also belong to alternative current, and also they have the right to all be converted into sine waves by Fourier transformation.


Since the magnitude and direction that the direct present are constant, the peak value, instantaneous value, effective value, and average worth of the direct present are all same to a constant.

What is the difference in between AC and DC?

Now, we usage 12V DC power and 12V AC strength to analysis the difference between DC and also AC power from loss, use, measurement, and also safety.

LossDC: Direct existing is more suitable because that long-distance and also large-capacity transmission. Therefore, HVDC infection has come to be a warm topic.AC: The AC circuit has inductance parameters, so the ns is big in long-distance transmission.

UseDC voltage stability, no big noise, the is perfect for the usage of electronic products. (such as televisions, radio computers, etc.)AC strength to go with the rectifier/switching power supply right into DC power have the right to be provided for electronic products.

Measure the difference in between 12V AC and also DC:A) v a digital universal measurement, respectively, v 20V AC voltage and 20V DC voltage file measurement, the outcomes will it is in different.B) simple measurement method: through a stylus pen pen (non-ordinary pen) ~ above the wire foreskin, 12V AC will certainly still show, 12V DC no display.

Safety12V DC is safer than 12V AC. Body resistance reduced when the 12V AC still may cause the dead, 12V DC will certainly not be in 100%. However, the hazard degree of electric shock to the human body largely depends on the dimension of the current passing through the human body and also the length of the energization time.

PeakAccording come the voltage pattern, 12V AC and also DC instantaneous top voltage is not the same, the instantaneous optimal voltage (12V straight) ≡ 12V, instantaneous height voltage :


About Rectifier and Inverter Circuit

Rectifier: The switch of alternative current come direct current is called Rectifier. The single-phase leg rectifier circuit diagram is shown below. VT1 and VT4 are a set of switches. VT2 and VT3 space another collection of switches. 2 sets the switches room turned on alternately to obtain direct current.


Inverter Circuit: The conversion of direct existing to alternating current is referred to as Inverter Circuit. The single-phase bridge inverter circuit chart is displayed below. S1 and also S2 room one collection of circuits; S3 and S4 room another collection of circuits. In basic cases, for a resistive load, two sets of switches room turned on alternately come get alternate current at both ends of the load.


Remarks: In order to get great waveforms because that the rectifier and inverter circuits, filters have to be used in yes, really situations.

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