Communication is crucial while traveling abroad. Even if it is it is staying in touch through friends and also family earlier home or maintaining in call with take trip partners, you need a method to stay connected. The difficulty is most of our mobile plans don’t covering texting external our residence country. When it is obtainable it comes at a high price. Luckily, there are ways to text for totally free when you are abroad.

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There are numerous scenarios when we may need to message abroad and I will cover the following:

How to message for complimentary While traveling AbroadHow come Text residence from any kind of Country in the civilization for FreeHow to text from house to an additional Country because that Free

How to text for totally free Abroad

As I mentioned in how To use Your iphone phone for free Abroad, WiFi is king. Through WiFi you have the right to basically carry out anything for free which include texting. However, friend can’t usage your classic texting apps to do this.

Texting from your smartphone in an additional country means you will pay come send and receive messages messages if you send a timeless SMS. Luckily, over there are cost-free ways to send messages using WiFi. When you have actually a WiFi connection you will not be making use of your data plan and all data will certainly be sent and received over WiFi. However, you have to use texting and also messaging apps to execute this.

There are a number of great apps because that texting and messaging end WiFi.


This messaging organization is constructed right into your iPhone. Once you are texting another person with an iphone or iDevice the messages that are sent are 100% free. Be certain to be linked to WiFi and that the recipient has actually an iPhone. For a detailed description on using iMessage head end to this article which goes right into detail.

Third Party Apps

We don’t all have an iPhone and we don’t require to. The controversy over Android devices and also iPhones is for another day and also luckily it doesn’t matter which friend prefer. There are great messaging apps because that both species of phones.


I am a WhatsApp user and have been because that a long time. WhatsApp permits you to send complimentary messages anywhere in the world over a data connection. What this way is once you are abroad you must have a WiFi link to use it without gift charged. When it is not associated to WiFi is offers your data plan which way it will certainly not be cheap if you space traveling on her mobile arrangement based at home.

WhatsApp allows you send messages to everyone who has the app. It is easily accessible for just around any smart phone and also only $0.99. Tell her friends and family come download it prior to you leave and also stay in contact whenever you have a WiFi connection.

Download that here.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is another simple solution. Not just is it free but friend will already have accessibility to all of your on facebook friends together contacts. This is different than sending out a article through facebook yet basically offer the same purpose as a texting and messaging app. Soon reach your friends and let them reach you by activating push notifications. That doesn’t issue if your friends are on on facebook at the time or not. It will send a an alert directly to your phone making use of the app. The is a straightforward app and another favourite of mine.


Facebook Messenger for iPhone, iPod, iDevices

Download it because that Android and also iPhone

How come Text house from any kind of Country in the civilization for Free

Texting home is similar to texting in ~ the nation you room traveling. Friend will need WiFi relations to text and message your friends or family. Just follow the steps above to message to her home country while travel abroad.

Have one iPhone? Learn exactly how to speak to home for complimentary too.

How to text from residence to any type of Other nation for Free

So friend just acquired home indigenous traveling and also you made some friends abroad but how perform you continue to be in touch? Well as well as email and Skype you have the right to still text anyone abroad for totally free using third party apps.

The an essential to remember at home is you DO NOT require a WiFi link to message abroad.

Why is this the case? once you space at residence you currently have a data plan with your smart phone. This means you have the right to avoid expensive international texts by making use of the very same apps detailed above. The benefit of texting from residence you only require your continuous cell phone call plan and you do not should be connected to WiFi. Over there is no trouble with utilizing WiFi but it is no necessary.

Sending a text through WhatsApp or on facebook Messenger would certainly be simply the very same as sending out an instant message if you were on her laptop. You room using one internet link to send the message. In this case, v your smartphone, you space using your data setup that you currently pay because that at residence for continuous use. Sending out messages v these apps will have no extra fee as long as you already pay for a data arrangement at home. If you have a smart phone friend probably have actually a large data plan.

This method you deserve to text her friends from residence using 3rd party texting and messenging apps. My favorites are WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger yet there room dozens available. Because of the fact both parties require the app, utilizing a popular app makes life easier. It rises the opportunities that a many your contacts have already installed the app on their phone.

Alternative paid Options

WiFi is almost everywhere this days. Us can discover it in far hostels, cafes, and also airplanes. However, what perform we do as soon as we have to text without a WiFi connection?

You have the right to buy a prepaid parcel from your mobile carrier prior to you leaving the country. Because that example, at&t will allow you to acquisition 50 global text messages for $10 every month. Friend can add this to your arrangement before friend leave and remove it once you get home. If girlfriend send 50 texts it will certainly be a lot of cheaper prepaying the $10 than paying the worldwide texting rates. This is comfortable for classic texts and also there space no 3rd party apps required.

International data packages space expensive for many carriers. Using AT&T as an instance again, you room looking at $30 for only 120MB. That is not lot for emailing or looking the web however that is enough to a most messages utilizing WhatsApp. If you prefer, you can use an app that provides data come send and also receive messages. Be certain to pre-purchase data from her carrier before you leaving for her trip.

WhatsApp has actually a handy integrated Usage Calculator in the settings. This allows you to monitor every one of the data you have actually sent and also received.

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Data Usage

As you have the right to see, due to the fact that I critical cleared my statistics, I have sent and also received 1,267 messages using WhatsApp which provided 7.6 MB of data. The is not really much data and also it is a the majority of messages. Therefore if you to be to acquisition 120 MB friend will have the ability to send hundreds of messages making use of the application with her pre-paid purchase. Because that some, this may be the ideal option and is one I usage often.

Keys to Remember because that Texting overseas for Free

Always usage WiFi overseasPre-Purchase data if you need to attach without WiFi