NO!!!! The fuse is your security device. Never replace a smaller sized fuse with a larger fuse.

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Another answerPeople who have actually done that in the previous have burned down your homes. Changing from a 20 amp to 30 amp fuse place 50% an ext current with the wire, overheats the wire and also can an outcome in fire.

Don"t execute it. As the over post explains, the fuse is your security device.

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The over are dead on. Remember the fuse protects the wiring from overheating and also catching ~ above fire. A 20 amp fuse is offered on 12 gage wire and also a 30 amp fuse is used on 10 gage cable which is must larger. Never ever mix them up.

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To Ad: in reality if you people wouldve took some kind of electical course its better to placed a bigger fuse.. You simply do not need to dual the size.. If you acquired a 20 put a 30 in that it want blow.. If you placed a 40 then you will have actually problems...

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