Yes. Ns busted my hand open up 3 days before a gyeongju in France and got some stitches. Did the race and then clean the S*** out of it. No problems.

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I"ve had a tiny experience v this, and also I"d say it really depends on where they are. If they space in a location where her swim punch will placed stress top top the incision, ns wouldn"t. If they are someplace where they small or no stress, i would. I"ve excellent both....had stitches and didn"t swim, and also had stitches and also swam. JC
I to speak no, personally. Granted I"m simply a surgeon. Wounds don"t regain every one of their tensile strengh until around 4 main out. Till then there"s an boosted risk the wound breakdown, ugly scars, and also non-healing since immersion in water is poor at the cell and molecular level in a healing wound.For any type of surgical site I"d say absolutely not. For a sutured cut, laceration, etc relying on location and type of closure I"d speak you yes, really shouldn"t and also if friend do, you"re risking wound connected complications.
I actually laughed out loud at her post. Finally, one opinion on a subject that originates from an expert!!! Trishie, journey that brand-new bike, wait till the doc claims to acquire into the water.
I"m no a surgeon yet I did sleep in ~ a holiday inn critical night, so mine vote would be NO. Plus take into factor to consider that the stitches room on her face. Why danger a scar???
I agree with what others have actually posted. Yes you can swim v the stitches however you are risking disrupting appropriate wound heal which could result in a nasty scar (not to mention the risk of obtaining the reduced infected). I would certainly personally wait until the stitches are removed and also the wound is closed.
I"d say "no" too. However only since my surgeon told me no to until my incisions healed.
(The last time I had surgery.)
I would just do that if I had actually a race. Otherwise, continue to be out that the water until it"s healed. Can"t speak it better than Dr. Pete.
I assumption: v I"ll hear to the medical professional The stiches are in mine chin so ns don"t think swimming would pull on them... Yet yeah okay outta the swimming pool for a bit (not too lengthy though !)
I just had actually stitches a month earlier and the ER doctor told me no to swim till the stitches to be removed. The skin about the wound would scar negative when obtaining all wet and wrinkly. It was on the guideline of my finger so i am sure the pressure of the stroke would not have actually been great for that either. Cycling and running to be no issues.

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You could have done what i did. Ns gashed my head the day before a race. Ns told the ER doc what ns was law the next day therefore he supplied glue rather of stitches.I got my very first podium and also a cool scar above my eye. Together for swimming v stitches, IMHO, that"s a much better question for your doc than a forum.
I agree with the great doctor. The sutures space holding your body with each other by being laced thru little puncture wounds. This puncture woulds, i beg your pardon are impossible to keep really clean, room susceptible come infection because of contamination, particularly immersion in water. As your human body attempts to fight turn off the infection, the wound is inundated through white blood cells which have a scouring result making the wound red painful and sometimes swollen.The doctor additionally makes wonderful point concerning the tensile toughness not being at 100% until around four weeks out. Nothing worse 보다 a busted up halfway healed wound.I think i would focus on biking and also running until around two weeks write-up suture removal. Yet thats just me.Mark NicholsonCombat Medic USARMY 1/94FA MLRS

My doc claimed no come swimming, biking and also running. Mine to be on mine nose where he removed a skin cancer. I believed it had more to execute with preventing an infection than scarring... There are some nasty small bacteria and other microscopic critters roughly water - especially nice room-temp water!

I swam High institution sectionals v stitches in mine head but wouldn"t do it together a adult. The dumb kid in me walk though.