Can Guinea Pigs Eat Asparagus?

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A yummy spring vegetable that lots of civilization love, asparagus is terrific steamed, roasted, and even raw. Curious about whether the OK to share this veggie v your pet?

Can guinea pigs have actually asparagus, and if so, exactly how much need to they eat? How frequently can you give asparagus to a guinea pig?

The brief answer is “Yes, guinea pigs can eat asparagus.” however there’s a lot more to learn before you run for the fridge.

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Keep on reading and also in just a few minutes, you’ll know all about asparagus because that guinea pigs.

Asparagus Nutrition Stats

High in fiber, low in calories, and brimming through antioxidants, asparagus is good for you.

A one-cup serving of asparagus offers approximately:

27 calories5 g carbohydrates3 g fiber3 g protein

Asparagus Nutritional Facts


Asparagus is fantastic source of nutrients for you and your guinea pig.

That same one-cup serving provides approximately:

5 mg vitamin C1013 iu vitamin A271 mg potassium32 mg calcium8 mg magnesium9 mg iron7 mcg folate5 mg vitamin E7 mcg vitamin K

Can Guinea Pigs have Asparagus?

Yes, in reality asparagus is one of the ideal vegetables for guinea pigs. You’ll want to be careful about how girlfriend prepare it, though: Guinea pigs can only eat fresh raw asparagus and it requirements to be well-washed prior to being offered to your pet.

Is Asparagus good For Guinea Pigs?

Asparagus is very an excellent for guinea pigs together it’s fantastic source of important vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C. Due to the fact that guinea pigs can suffer from vitamin C deficiency, it’s increase to united state to make certain that they gain all they need – and also the ideal fruits and also vegetables space the right source.

Do Guinea Pigs prefer Asparagus?

Since guinea pigs often tend to reap crisp veggies, many of them will certainly eagerly eat asparagus. The best means to watch if her guinea pig likes asparagus is to sell them a little bit and also see whether they eat it or if they leave it alone.

How lot Asparagus can A Guinea Pig Eat?

As asparagus is just one of the best vegetables for guinea pigs, they have the right to eat rather a bit of it at once, or you deserve to mix smaller amounts into their salad.

Here’s just how much asparagus a come feed her guinea pig:

Baby guinea pigNone
Adult guinea pig2 asparagus spears

If your guinea pig likes asparagus and you decision to give it to them, be sure to trim any kind of hard, woody ends off the spears. In addition, girlfriend can cut the asparagus into brief 1-inch sections to do it less complicated for her guinea pig to eat.

Since sudden dietary transforms can reason diarrhea in guinea pigs – and also as asparagus is a veggie the can create a little bit of minister gas if consumed in overabundance – you’ll desire to start off by providing your guinea pig a very tiny amount of asparagus, perhaps fifty percent a spear cut into smaller sized sections.

Over the next 12 hours, clock for signs of bloating, discomfort, and also diarrhea. So long as nothing prefer this happens, you can slowly increase the quantity of asparagus you offer your guinea pig next time that on your menu.

How frequently Can A Guinea Pig Eat Asparagus?


If her guinea pig likes asparagus and also you enjoy maintaining it on hand, it’s OK to sell it a few times every week. Make sure that friend don’t give your guinea pig asparagus on days when other gas-producing veggies such as broccoli or cauliflower room offered.

The exactly Diet is Important

A guinea pig’s natural diet consists mostly of grass and also other low-lying leafy plants and grass. We’re pretty certain that if a wild guinea pig encountered a spot of asparagus, they’d happily nibble away!

Here’s what to feed her guinea pig each day:

About one cup of fresh vegetables, break-up into two smaller sized “salads” – try to revolve through various greens and crunchy veggies throughout every week

Since your guinea pig’s this are always growing, it’s necessary to ensure the they constantly have something come chew on. Discs the dried corn top top the cob room a fun snack / chew toy all in one.

Hay cubes, apple sticks, and also guinea pig chew toys are other an excellent options for preventing your guinea pig’s this from ending up being overgrown.

What Are other Healthy options To Asparagus In A Guinea Pig’s Diet?


What if you’re all out of asparagus? There are numerous other healthy, natural treats to give to your guinea pig:

asparagusartichokearugulabell pepperbasilbeetsbeet topsbutter lettucebuttercrunch lettucebibb lettucebroccolibroccolinibrussels sproutscabbagecauliflowercarrotcarrot topscucumbercilantrocorn (including the cob)endiveescarolegreen beansmintparsleyparsnippumpkinrocketromaineswiss chardspinachsummer squashsweet potatotomatobok choyyu choywatercresszucchini

These veggies are simply a grasp of the numerous foods that guinea pigs can eat! They’re ideal for mixing right into your cavy’s everyday salad, and all offer some good health benefits.

Whether you’re interested in offering these or other fruits and vegetables, be certain to invest a few minutes researching, not just to find out if particular foods are safe for your guinea pig, yet to determine how much of each item to offer and how often it have to be eaten.

For now, though, giving your guinea pig asparagus is a an excellent way to add a bit of excitement to their diet while treating them to some extra nutrition.

Frequently inquiry Questions

Is asparagus safe for guinea pigs?

Yes, simply be certain to to wash it and trim off any type of tough, woody ends. The a great idea come chop those long asparagus spears into shorter sections before giving them to her cavy, too.

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Can asparagus do my guinea pig sick?

If her guinea pig eats too much asparagus at as soon as or if friend forget to administer a gradual arrival to this veggie, then concerns such as painful gas and bloating can occur, and your guinea pig can suffer native diarrhea, too. It’s ideal to take a careful approach to presenting asparagus to your guinea pig’s diet, as also too lot of a healthy food deserve to be rather a shock to your system.