If you have actually dyed her hair before, climate you have actually smelled the pungent chemistry smell and also felt the tingle on your scalp. It makes sense the a an insect might have actually a tough time living through that kind of chemistry warfare. However, go it actually work?


The Claim

If you execute a Google search around whether or not hair dye kills lice, friend will uncover a lot of sites through success stories. The idea is that the chemicals in the dye are solid enough to get rid of the lice. The idea is that, lot like one insecticide based lice product, the an insect will not have the ability to survive the conditions.

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The Variables

The claim sounds so convenient and, honestly, reasonable. Favor I stated earlier, if you have dyed your hair, you know that whatever those dyes are made from appears strong!

First, there is an concern verifying the hair dye eliminates lice due to the fact that there space so plenty of different brands. V actual lice therapies they can study the energetic ingredient to watch if it kills lice. With hair dye, various companies use different formulations and the chemicals are not studied for their effects on lice.

Second, the process could have an impact on whether or not the dye therapy works. Because that instance, about the really insecticide treatments, the CDC warns, “Do not usage a combination shampoo/conditioner, or conditioner prior to using lice medicine. Do not re-wash the hair for 1-2 work after the lice medicine is removed.” If it is crucial to be that careful about the medication that is designed particularly to kill lice, might using conditioner before the hair dye or washing too soon after influence the results?

Third, not even medicated shampoos do to death lice kill off the eggs. A chemistry treatment may kill the live lice, but what around the eggs? it’s the egg that room the hardest to obtain rid of. The nits room attached to the hair with a glue-like substance and also the egg protects the little bug developing inside.

The Result

Alright, so what is the result? Well, the an outcome is mixed. Probably there have been world for who dyeing their hair did the trick. And, probably, hair dye has functioned for part to get rid of the live lice, yet then the eggs hatched a couple of days later and also they had actually to attend to the brand-new infestation. Finally, there are plenty of for whom hair dye just didn’t work.

There room not definitive statistics for things favor this.

If you want to dye your hair anyway, by all means, dye her hair. Just be sure to have someone monitor your hair continually because that the next 10-15 days to view if the worked. Girlfriend may have to experiment with different brands or leave the dye in for different quantities of time.

If that process sounds as well iffy because that you, stick around, since we have an simple treatment an approach for you.

One an ext Consideration


Lice is often an concern with children. Using hair dye on children hair is not nearly so common. Good Housekeeping ran an article suggesting come wait until about 16 to dye hair. Therefore while hair dye may have actually some beneficial aftermath for adults, it probably should not be used for children.

The Answer

So possibly you have actually wanted to dye her hair blue or purple or green because you to be in middle school. Maybe now is the moment to walk for it and blame the lice!

Then, even prior to you begin to reap the fist from your new hair color, head end to the website for the Lice Aunties. We have actually a technique that kills both the lice and also nits in ~ once. The doesn’t take it long and it actually works. Over there is no guesswork here.

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Head lice therapies in process

For those the you that aren’t interested in recognize an forgive for green hair or if you require treatment for your children, you will be happy to know that this therapy is chemical-free. There space no harsh chemicals used.

We offer the Boston area through lice clinics inNewton and also Woburn. Uncover your nearest clinic and collection up an appointment or call us in ~ Lice Aunties (617) 544-2850