Protect your home or company from Jerusalem crickets by learning techniques because that identification and also control.

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What Does

Your regional technician is trained to assist manage Jerusalem crickets and similar pests. Due to the fact that every structure or house is different, her technician will style a distinctive program for her situation. can provide the ideal solution to store Jerusalem crickets in your place and out the your residence or business.

Jerusalem crickets can accidentally wander within homes. This insects usually uncover their method into residences at night while in search of shelter or to prey on insects. Gardens v fruits or vegetables may also attract them. These insects may enter dwellings through:

Large gaps

Open doors


Under details conditions, large numbers of Jerusalem crickets have the right to invade homes and raise concern. This insects are usually harmless come humans, though their large size might be intimidating.

Do they Bite?

They can bite, yet usually once they space cornered or when they are picked up to protect themselves. The bite can be painful, yet there is no venom delivered.

The many startling indications of Jerusalem crickets room these big insects themselves when they go into homes. Other indications of infestation for these insects include:

Garden or flowerbed damage

Infested fruits or vegetables

Scratching or hissing sounds


Size: castle are large insects and can be up to 50 mm long.

Color: Jerusalem crickets are yellow to brown in color.

Body: castle have big heads and beady black eyes. Native the prior they show up to have actually a little face.


The ideal atmosphere for these insects room gardens or flowerbeds. During the day, Jerusalem crickets seek out dark places to hide under rocks or logs, however they are mostly active at night. In exceptionally hot, dried seasons, this insects might move right into homes.


The primary foods Jerusalem crickets eat are:





Geographical Range

They room most likely to be discovered in the western parts of the unified States and parts the Mexico. They are aboriginal to the desert southwest, the western states, and along the Pacific coast.

Life Cycle

Jerusalem crickets have actually a low rate of reproduction, so large infestations space rare. They execute not give birth or infest indoors.

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Females may kill and also consume the male after mating. She climate lays 3 mm egg in burrows.