Currently, PCIe 3.0 is the most typical version that you can uncover on motherboards yet if you have older PC, it may actually conform come the enlarge PCIe v2.0. With most brand-new expansion cards conforming come v3.0, it is usual to ask: can I use a PCIe 3.0 map in a 2.0 slot?

Basically, yes, you can use a PCIe 3.0 map in a 2.0 slot, however with part caveats i beg your pardon I will cover below.

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A third-generation (PCIe 3.0) map will job-related in a second-generation (PCIe 2.0) slot since the PCIe standard is draft to be backward, and forward compatible, thus allowing the usage of new cards on enlarge hardware and also vice versa.

However, as stated earlier, there space few caveats the you need to take right into consideration specifically in terms of performance.

In the complying with text i talk around PCIe backward and also forward compatibility.

A evaluation of the PCIe Generation and also the Speeds

Before we delve right into the object of backward compatibility, the is worth-it to look right into PCIe generation and also their equivalent transfer speed in brief.

Versionx1(GB/s)x2(GB/s) x4(GB/s)x8(GB/s)x16(GB/s)
1.00.2500.500 1.0002.0004.000

As have the right to be viewed in the table above, a single 2nd generation PCIe lane has actually a rate of 0.5 GB/s or 500 MB/s. On the other hand, a single 3rd generation PCIe lane doubles the rate to around 1.0 GB/s.

The allude to note below is that each successive PCIe generation doubles the per roadway throughput (speed) as contrasted to the vault generation.

The much greater throughput the the succeeding generation has a lot of ramification. Because that instance, a an equipment that would call for two lanes on 2nd generation the PCIe interface, would just require a solitary lane on third generation PCIe interface.

The more recent generation additionally brings better efficiency in encoding algorithms for this reason reducing the overall power usage.

Both the greater per lane speed as well as efficient algorithms do it feasible for the PCIe user interface to carry out the very same amount of work at under clock cycles through each succeeding generation.

This consequently has result on the dimension of the cards; lock can obtain smaller, use weaker sub components like smaller warm sinks, for this reason reducing the as whole cost.

Newer PCIe generations also permit for highly advanced cards to it is in designed.

So in short, a card constructed with the PCIe 3.0 variation mind will be more efficient, and also have a better performance every dollar ratio contrasted to the PCIe card constructed with PCIe 2.0 version in mind.

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So can I usage A PCIe 3.0 map In A 2.0 Slot?

Image: Compare of just how RTX 3090 and Titan RTX performs on different PCIe generations. An affect can be checked out on performance in DaVinci solve (video editing software). has actually done a substantial study ~ above this topic. They experiment NVIDIA RTX 3090, a PCIe 4.0 device, and also an NVIDIA Titan RTX, a PCIe 3.0 device, ~ above first, second, 3rd and fourth generation PCIe motherboards.

While in details situation the distinction is negligible, in other demanding instances like video editing and also post production, the generational gains room too large to ignore.

While did no test gamings in their benchmark, it deserve to be deduced that work that require continuous transfer of information to and also from the PCIe slots would see impact in performance, this can incorporate games.

So once doing light work, the distinction in performance may not be lot of one issue, but for more intensive tasks, say playing a demanding game, a top of the line PCIe 3.0 graphics card in a PCIe 2.0 slot can be severely underutilized and you might see a distinction in performance.

When to use this Setup?

If you have actually an older motherboard running on PCIe 2.0 and also are you looking to shot out a brand-new hardware that supplies the PCIe 3.0 spec, you deserve to go ahead and also plug in the card.

While this may cause under-utilization depending upon how much data the card generation or how demanding the is, this form of setup a cost-effective solution

Another situation where configuring your develop like this may be necessary is if all the usable PCIe 3.0 slot are already taken increase by other components.

Some motherboards have both PCIe 3.0and 2.0 slots, and also if friend only have actually PCIe 2.0 slots available, you deserve to use among them for your PCIe 3.0 card.

Final Words

The answer to question, can I usage a PCIe 3.0 card in a 2.0 slot is a resounding yes.

While in many instances the performance distinction in this setup would it is in marginal, girlfriend cannot deny the throttling that have the right to occur.

Nevertheless, changing the entire system just so that you can install a solitary 3.0 card might not be the many effective method to go around it together it would require a change of motherboard, and in turn, a readjust of processor together well.

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Therefore, if over there is no other way, then walk ahead and use that 3.0 map in the older 2.0 slot.