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I have an auto trunk close. Motor appears to occupational sometimes and other times not. Its no a serious worry so i can live there is no an automatically trunk lid closer, so to prevent the problem it keeps providing me of leaving mine trunk lid up till it decides it desires to work, i was walk to pull the fuse...while that down. Ns look in the fuse panel and also cant uncover it. Ideas? 93 deville.

On the 1991 the pull down unit share a fuse v the horn relay. It"s the just 25 amp fuse in the relay panel, so the shouldn"t be tough to find.Also, be mindful that the fuse is no in the main fuse box alongside the emergency brake. It"s located in the relay dashboard under the gloves box. Eliminate the two screws native the black hush panel to reveal it.
Finally got around to being able come look roughly for the fuse yet have a trouble now....Trunk motor/latch is stuck in up position. How deserve to i gain it down? engine not working at every now and of course together luck would have it, It falls short in the increase position. If that failed while down i could just pull fuse or traction the connector to the motor and also be done with this pains in the neck option. Any type of ideas to acquire the latch down?
Hey Rodya 234, I have the same problem however I have actually a 89 Deville. Is the fuse ~ above the relay panel because that me also? i looked under the gloves box area but didn"t view a panel v two screws on it.

I just went v this difficulty in mine "87 DeVille. The way mine is: the wire to the release motor is always Hot. It has a fuse in the wire-harnass around 12" away from the motor. That wasn"t my problem though. Ns finally determined what to be wrong. Over there is a toggled-switch the controls the latching/unlatching the the grounds and is triggered by the up/down that the striker. Look in ~ the motor side of the striker and notification the 2 stole "lips" around 1" apart. Those projections ~ above the striker is the control for the Latching-toggle. My toggle remained in the dorn it got that way, ns haven"t a clue. The grounds adjust from one resource to the other, relying on the motion of the striker. Ns flipped the toggle, the ground source changed and now features properly.
Well i uncovered out mine motor because that the trunk pull down died. Appears odd since car has 70k and electric motors last a while, particularly since a tribe is not supplied often sufficient to wear the end a motor so fast seemingly. I obtained trunk to close by removing motor housing and also just cranking the latch down,but stems does no close together tight as it should due to the fact that i needed to leaving the latch up sufficient to catch...The pull down brings it reduced than wherein it can capture when no on a motor connection, therefore i need a replacement.

Before you change it, remove it and also open that up. Could just need brand-new brushes. Worked for me on my "92.
Thanks Ranger, hope you resolved my trouble also.Mine is in the down position and if I usage the electric trunk releasr toe stems won"t continue to be down.I have to unlock it v the vital in order for it to continue to be down.Sorry to horn in on your thread Zentrade.

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