Determine the identification of the complicated and that counterion and follow the rule of the specify name of coordination compounds.

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a) sodium hexachloroplatinate(IV)

Step 1. Identify the anion and cation

Anion facility appears to be hexachloroplatinate(IV) while the counterion is sodium

Step 2. Figure out the formula of the anion complex

hexachloro→ six Cl → (Cl)6

For the fee of the complex, remind that:Charge of facility = fee of steel + full charge of ligandsMetal Platinum has actually a fee of +4 indigenous (IV)

Charge of facility = (+4) + (-1x6) = -2

Anion facility will show up as: -2

Step 3. Affix the counterion i beg your pardon is Na+

Recall that for ionic compounds, thecharge of the ion goes to the subscript of the counterion.ForNa+-2


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Problem Details

Give the formula of every coordination compound. Include square brackets around the coordination complex. Carry out not encompass the oxidation state ~ above the metal. Use parentheses only roughly polyatomic ligands. For ethylenediamine, use (en) in the formula.

a) salt hexachloroplatinate(IV)

b) dibromobis(ethylenediamine) cobalt(III) bromide

c) pentaamminechlorochromium(III) chloride

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