Amana top load washer has a 4 wire lock switch. I connect blue & white wires the will begin to fill then stops & red lock irradiate starts blinking ,then fill light blinks , the is every it does.

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It will do this if the WATER to the washer is turn OFF, or if there"s no water pressure; there"s a pressure-activated switch within the washer. Inspect your supply water pressure, or turn the water ON!

we just bypassed our whirlpool he by popping the top and cutting a plastic alcohol cork to host the locking mechanism into place - $0 - 5 minute fix and also it"s working like a champ (and i LOVE gift able to open the lid come toss in that one wayward sock!)

My Ropes washing machine. The eco-friendly wash light flashes before I also start washing. The red lid lock light want come on once I start it. As soon as I start it the environment-friendly wash light comes on. That will start running the water. It stop within 10sec and stop . Then the to wash light start flashing again and it begin clicking




I tried this on mine Roper. It seemed to work until it acquired to the last spin. The lid lock light started flashing again and also I have been can not to number out just how to turn the clothes.

Even after ~ you"ve installed a new switch and latch, it will certainly still do this if the WATER to the washer is rotate OFF, or if there"s not enough water pressure; there"s a pressure-activated switch inside the washer the won"t lock the door until it senses water push to the washer.

Check her supply water pressure, or also better, turn the water ON! You"ll either be bonus or recognize there"s something else wrong deeper within the machine.

Also, depending on the Amana model, this switch can have 2, 3, or 4 wires, and also CANNOT it is in BYPASSED through "HOT WIRING A pair OF WIRES TOGETHER" the means you can with the larger washers whereby the switch was a straightforward on/off job.

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These brand-new ones have actually a sensor earlier inside the body through the controls, and if the sensor"s not happy, the washer doesn"t turn on.

Turn the water on, if that doesn"t work, change the switch and latch assembly, if the still doesn"t work, take it it to the shop. They have actually a tester over there that gives the technician the error code he needs to deal with the machine. Yeah, similar to computers!