SummaryJess"s father filling in the remainder of the information for him. Leslie had tried to swing right into Terabithia and the rope broke. She hit her head ~ above something when she fell, which explains why the reality that she can swim did not help her. Jess denies it every point-blank, accusing his dad of lying to him. In particular, he wants to assure might Belle the it is a lie, because that he sees she looking terrified and knows she is remembering the Leslie was not a Christian and is therefore, to her understanding, going come hell. He shouts at might Belle that it is a lie and also then runs the end of the house.

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The truth begins to seep in as he runs, and also he counters that by running faster and also faster, together if that can keep Leslie from gift dead. His dad take away the pickup ~ him, and picks him up and also carries that in. This appears to do something snap within Jess, and also he permits himself to walk numb. Once they reach home, he quiet goes inside and lies under on his bed.

He wakes increase in the center of the night, not too sure what has happened. He to know in some part of his mind that Leslie is dead, however he refuses to expropriate it, "Leslie might not dice any more than the himself might die." Instead, the lies awake, planning his following escape come Terabithia with Leslie. He structures entirety conversations, apologizing for not inviting she to concerned Washington v him and also Miss Edmunds, relenten the buffalo hunt. It wake up to him come tell her that he to be scared to go to Terabithia the morning. Yet that hits too close to home, and he decides to protect against thinking about it. He will certainly tell Leslie as soon as he sees she the next day. The recreates his work with miss out on Edmunds in his mind instead, dredging increase every detail, keeping the disastrous memories in ~ bay. Eventually he drops asleep.

When the wakes up his first thought is the he has actually forgotten the milking, yet when he gets to the kitchen the discovers the his father has done it. His mommy is strangely gentle toward him, and she has actually made him pancakes. Jess absorbs himself in eating his pancakes, thinking only how an excellent they are. Eventually Brenda starts to heckle him for eating for this reason calmly, saying, "If Jimmy Dicks died, I would certainly not have the ability to eat a bite." Their mommy tells she to store her mouth shut, but she persists. All the time Jess is just tucking far pancakes, not understanding much of what is going on around him.

His father comes in and tries to speak to him, come tell him that he is going end to the Burkes to salary his respects, and that Jess must come too, because he knew the "little girl" best. Jess asks what little girl, dully confused, and also his father tries to define to him, again, the Leslie is dead. Together if sleepwalking, Jess go to placed his coat on, and also they leave for the Burkes".

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Jess is in complete shock throughout this whole chapter, and also the thing is absolutely love wrenching. Paterson pressures us to placed ourselves in Jess"s place, to shot to imagine the anguish that would cause such a complete retreat from reality. The specific attention to detail, the conversations Jess imagines through Leslie, the pancakes that eats the complying with morning, all serve to evoke the scenes she defines with a precision and clarity which are amazing.