"Run-around", is a track that was taped by a band referred to as the blues traveler in 1994. The song was composed by john Popper. The text contain 9 stanzas , 4 the which are the chorus .There is no actual rhyme scheme various other than some lines take place to happiness , however there is no rhythmic or repeating order which castle follow.

The first stanza the the song, " as soon as upon a midnight dearie".Echoes that the very first line that Edgar Allen Poe"s "The Raven": "Once upon a midnight dreary/While ns pondered, weak and also weary" .(allusion) He climate recalls a phone call , in which a friend told him some negative news. His girlfriend tries to do it seem far better than the is through lying come him. He knows his girlfriend is lying come him yet " i’ll lie too and also say i don’t mind" ,indicates the he knows his girlfriend is lying to him ,but he acts as assumed he does not mind and basically lies back.

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Later on in the very first stanza over there is a simile , " prefer a game present contestant through a parting gift , I might not think my eyes."Contestants on a game present that execute not win the big prize are frequently given parting gifts to ease the pain of losing, yet the parting gift is a longstanding legacy as a means for a gracious guest to display appreciation for hospitality or service. An additional piece the allusion is " and also as we look for so shall us find", A modified quote from the Bible, Matthew, thing 7 city 7: "Seek and ye chandelier find". It means if we look hard sufficient we can discover what we room truly feather for.(allusion)

The last part of the an initial stanza , "And when you’re feeling open up I’ll quiet be right here ,but no without a details degree of fear of what will be that you and me ns still have the right to see things hopefully."This defines that once his girlfriend is telling the truth , he will certainly be a bit scared since he marvels what would occur to castle if his friend was informing the truth. However he still is ready to listen his friend tell the reality no matter the out come.

The 2nd stanza is the chorus . The chorus in this track is sung a total of 4 times. "But friend , why girlfriend wanna provide me a run approximately .Is it a certain fire method to rate things up as soon as all that does is slow me down."This means that human being tell him that on his way to his dream points will be an excellent . Then things don’t revolve out the method everyone said. Eventually this every slows him down , that stops and also has to start all over again.

The 3rd stanza has a simile in the quote "And shake me and also my confidence , about a great many things ,But I"ve been there I have the right to see it cower , prefer a concerned magician waiting in the wings .Of a bad play whereby the heros space right and nobody thinks or expects as well much".Confidence refers ago to cower ,( cower method to crouch or are afraid in shame). For this reason this means he’s nervous about trying to reach his dream. He is so nervous the he compares himself to "a concerned magician wait in the wing .Of a poor play whereby the heros room right and also nobody thinks or expects also much". He is nervous since he knows his dream will certainly be difficult to reach , which messed through his confidence. Even though he’s nervous that still desires to with his dream .

Another quote indigenous the 3rd stanza is " what’s yours and mine the fishing’s fine and it doesn’t have to rhyme so don’t you feed me a line." the quote means that things would it seems to be ~ perfect if everything rhymed , yet he desires the truth. Therefore he claims it walk not have to rhyme and also not come lie come him even if the fact hurts.

The fifth stanza contains a dual play ~ above "La Bamba", the 1959 Ritchie Valens hit, as well as the common warplane conversation wherein the pilot would alert the bombardier regarding the ar of the preferred target." Tra la la la la bomba dear this is the pilot speaking"

Also in the fifth stanza "It appears my delivery still stand no issue what friend drop , and there ain’t a totality lot you have the right to do". This means that once he do the efforts to gain ahead to reach his dream yet nothing seems to help. "Oh sure the banner may be torn and also the wind’s gotten colder , maybe I’ve grown a small cynical." speak you the he doubts whatever in a pessimistic means and might be starting to give up.

In stanza 5 " ns shall drink in and constantly be complete , mine cup shall constantly be full"this is a feasible reference come the 23rd Psalm that the Bible, "my cup runneth over". In the track it method in spite of all he is satisfied v what the has and also it shall be sufficient for the .

In the sixth stanza "Oh I choose coffee and I favor tea" is patterned ~ above the opening lines that "Java Jive", a quit hit because that the ink Spots in 1940: "I love coffee/I love tea/I love the Java Jive/And it loves me".Means he likes various things . "I still obtained this dream the you just can"t shower ", way He has actually a dream that remains with him always and he hopes someday that will achieve it , yet it is no his just dream.

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The template of this song seems to be that in the procedure of trying come live our dreams there are a most ups and also downs. In the finish of the tune he describes that he might have this dream however he has other ones as well. He is happy that he has an ext than one dream but he will constantly hold this dream close come him over everyother one .