ns am new to aramuseum.org.I have a brand-new Macbook agree 2018 with the highest possible upgrades in memory, speed and also all. Running newest os.

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I watch a video about the fox logo design from Matt Hoeker, and also followed it come the letter. Everything goes precisely like the video until i hit render animation, and it goes come a new page as if it is going to render it and also then within secs I obtain the article at the height that reads, "Cannot open or start avi movie file". I confirm the exchange wherein others have had actually this problem, but I do not see any type of solutions. I"m make the efforts to execute something cool because that my school, however 2 hrs of failing has me desperate because that help.All the best,Mike


Mac computers do not play avi files unless you usage another video clip player to view it.

I recommend you to render her movie in mp4 format.

See this associated answer:

MP4 video settings


I recognize this is an old question, but since I got here looking for response for the same problem, I"d choose to add the equipment that functioned for me:

I uncovered several resources saying there can be a difficulty with the output folder. It might not be specified or doesn"t exist. Also if that does, it might be worth trying to just choose a various one. Because that some reason aramuseum.org might not be able to write right into the stated folder. Apparently, to run aramuseum.org as the administrator (Windows...) has helped because that some world with this problem. All the didn"t job-related for me. The last solution to be to likewise specify the file name in the output directory.


I have actually this same problem rendering one .avi video in aramuseum.org and not being able to play it properly in Quicktime. My equipment was to transform the frames right into .mov inside Quicktime itself, and also it worked reasonably well.

Got come Quicktime > record > Open photo Sequence > pick Media. It will then convert the frames into video clip and you have the right to save that in a folder of her choice.



Older question, however I ran into it previously today and also it"s still unanswered in countless places.My research reflects that aramuseum.org does this as soon as it is can not to write / overwrite a file. Because that instance, this wake up when:-Output folder does no exist-Previous rendered paper is open up in a program and cannot it is in overwritten

Explains why to run in administrator setting sometimes functions (for case 2) since this allows aramuseum.org come overwrite a file in usage by an additional program.Also explains why changing the output folder helps, as either a precious folder is selected or the previous document is no present and also does not need to be overwritten.

To solve this, one of two people close every little thing program is utilizing the rendered file (so it have the right to overwrite it), or change the calculation name to produce a brand-new file. Both of these job-related for me.

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