Bishop Ronald Brown death happened 7th May, 2019. Bishop Ronald Brown cause of death, details about how he died are not public.

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His death was announced by his son, Mario Winans who wrote on Instagram:

Your life will constantly be remembered and i will forever love you Dad. My heart and mind is so hefty right now but i know that you are in a better place. I will certainly forever memory you. Rest In Peace. 💔 #BishopRonaldEBrown #MyFather #RIP

Bishop Ronald Brown death:

Bishop Ronald Elwood Hill Brown to be the senior Pastor and Presiding Prelate of faith Tabernacle Deliverance temple Ministries. The was well-known on a national level because that his music and DYNAMIC preaching.

Bishop Ronald Elwood Hill Brown to be born on Friday, march 14, 1947 in Savannah, Georgia. His family members moved to Brooklyn, brand-new York when he to be eleven years old. In ~ the age of thirteen, that attended a revival carried out by R. W. Shambach and also accepted Jesus Christ together his an individual Savior.

Bishop Ronald died at the age of 72.

Read poignant tributes pouring in native Bishop’s loved ones, girlfriend below.

native Prophetess / Evangelist general S Washington:

He was the pentacostal voice!! only one Bishop Ronald Edward Brown. Native orangeburg SC. His singing and preaching was choose no other. He will truly be missed. I had actually the chance to it is in in his service, and it was lit….🔥🔥🔥. Remainder well deserved.

indigenous Terrell Turner:

So so so heart broken to listen of the happen of his elegant Bishop Ronald Edward Brown. I literally had actually to pull over and also get myself together.

I patterned my entirety preaching format after his as soon as i was farming up as a young minister. Ns remember when i first met Prophet Todd Hall and he said me the he dubbed Ronald Brown come tell him about a male that sounded favor him.

When i was young his means of holiness, singing and deliverance was like no various other accept my so late bishop Nathaniel Simmons. Taught for him and he would take trip to come and also hear me and also i was so honored to have actually this living legend in my life.

His sound never left my ears. Him and Michael together Ross would take trip the country doing crusades and also revival and there was and also will never be a sound choose there’s.

Rest well her Grace. Devastated. Bishop Patrick Chambers Sr. You and Tyquan Sparks still have actually that sound together well and that glory.

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from Raymond Gary Jr:

Truly Shocking; an additional General In The confidence Has Went residence To Be v The Lord. A Pure & powerful Giant In The Kingdom. Remainder In peace Bishop Ronald E. Brown.

indigenous Donald Taylor:

This is hurting therefore bad! mine God Father and Spiritual Father, Bishop Ronald E. Brown change this morning. He’s the one the tought me how to dress!! great night dad I’ll watch you in the morning!!