A video clip featuring an excited bird, i beg your pardon some established as Secretarybird, running around the golf field while choose up balls and also bouncing them on the concrete area.

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“More likely he thinks the round is an egg or a shell and he’s make the efforts to break it open,” created a user. “It’s how the bird breaks open up eggs to eat,” tweeted another.

A hilarious video clip of a bird “bouncing” golf balls has actually left netizens ROFL-ing after it went famous on social media. Tweeted through a parody account, Jesus Chrysler, the clip attributes an excited bird, which some identified as Secretarybird, running roughly the golf ar while choose up balls and also bouncing lock on the concrete area.

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“This bird just uncovered that golf balls bounce on concrete and he’s absolutely love it,” read the caption on the video, which walk viral v over 2.9 million views. If in the video, the bird go seem to enjoy bouncing the ball, numerous viewers felt that it had perplexed the golf balls for eggs.

This bird just discovered that golf balls bounce ~ above concrete and he’s absolutely loving it. Pic.twitter.com/rXQVgWZXu7

— Jesus Chrysler (
JesusChrysler15) respectable 2, 2019

“More most likely he think the sphere is one egg or a shell and also he’s do the efforts to rest it open,” composed a user. “It’s just how the bird breaks open up eggs to eat,” tweeted another.

He prolly thinks they’re eggs and also he desires to crack and eat them…

— Colleen (
Colleen62567745) respectable 4, 2019

Someone offer the poor bird an egg.

— renew her ninja subs below kiddos. Sry no fortnite (
plopfictionally) august 2, 2019

That bird’s hilarious! Is anyone rather old sufficient to mental those birds the tipped up and also down in the glass of water?

— Sandra Fandazz (
gogetemboy1969) respectable 2, 2019

More most likely he thinks the ball is one egg or a shell and he’s trying to rest it open.

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— maryscriver (
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