Kelly! What's with the cameras? Gustavo desires you shoot part videos because that the future little bit time rush website.- Cool.- Sweet.So girlfriend future fans can obtain to know the actual you.Now, obtain shooting, and get the cameras ago to me in the morning.All right.All right.This is James from big Time Rush.Enjoy.Hey, guys, what's up? It's Carlos of big Time Rush.I'm gonna run the pool on my rocket skates.Check it out.Okay, below we go.Three, two, one.Auuuugh! This is what I speak to the hockey puck cam.- # you desire to be famous# - # well known # you want to it is in the one who's living the life♪ you desire to it is in famous♪ This is the lobby.Oh, and those are the elevators.

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girlfriend know. - Hey, right here are her videos.- there you go.Enjoy.ah, ah, ah-ah, five ♪ Auuuugh! make it count, play it straight ♪ don't look back, don't hesitate ♪ when you go huge time♪ what friend know, what you feel ♪ never ever quitin', do it actual ♪ once you're going big time ♪ oh-oh, oh-oh ♪ hey, hey hear to your heart now ♪ hey, hey don't you feeling the sirloin ♪ - # oh-oh, oh-oh # - # hey, hey # go and shake it up ♪ whatcha gotta shed ♪ go and make her luck ♪ v the life you select ♪ if you want it all, lay that on the heat ♪ it's the just life you acquired so you acquired to live it ♪ big time ♪ Boys, our album comes the end in 3 months, and also given our current web video disaster, it's time for phase 2 of my get big Time rush on the net so people will know around you and buy your album in 3 months.Is that phase 2 under the sheet? Guys, get ready, due to the fact that today big Time sirloin is security A day with Dek.Hollywood's number one to chat music blogger.Guys, Dak Zon to be a nobody, till he spent the day ice fishing through Deke.Then he became "The reel deal." and also today it's huge Time rush at the renowned Palmwoods pool. Oh, nice.Cool, so we just have to hang out through this guy and also be the genuine us. Both: No.I don't desire him almost everywhere near the genuine you.You'll simply knock him right into the swimming pool or slice off his arm with a hockey stick.'Cause that's bad, right? Yes, because if you have actually a bad day through Deke, your careers could end up favor Tanyon Lavell's. Who's Tanyon Lavell? Both: Exactly.And now, I current to you mine day v Deke huge time dog training ready team. change them. Ahhhhhh! Hogging our totally free Internet again? I'm make the efforts to produce a blog.Should i go politics pundit, or have to I just post pictures of small animals with big heads? Don't care.Ugh, look at those geniuses.- She'll never ever make it to the door.- She'll make it further than him.Care to make a familiar bet? Hah! you lose.That doesn't typical you're better than me.Yeah, it does.Boys, we've not just re created the Palmwoods pool setup for her day through Deke.We've likewise re created Deke.He's so tiny.Please don't speak that once you watch him, due to the fact that it is an extremely important what he thinks of you.- acquired it? - gained it.Now, good luck v your training, my young padawans.It starts now.Boys, we've analyzed every one of Deke's celebrity blogs and have the questions he's most most likely to ask.So let's obtain started.Kendall, how would you define BTR's music? Oh, um, I'd say it's acquired some rock and also also long.Deke wants juicy sound bites he deserve to sink his blog into.Say, "Big Time rush is a funny mix that rock, pop, through a dash that R&B." Logan, if friend weren't in a band, what would you it is in doing best now? examining to it is in a doctor. Wrong.Deke is gonna think you're geeky.Say you'd fairly be snowboarding.- Snowboarding? - Both: Snowboarding.Okay.My happy comb. - Yes.- - No.- - Maybe.- Antidisestablishmentarianism. Apatosaurus? - gold shoes.- - Cheese sticks.- I'm gaining a little frustrated here! i was seven.I didn't know what i was doing. would certainly you prevent it? - Violence.- Carlos, violence is never ever the answer.The correct answer is seven.Oh.Okay, according to those answers, us predict Deke will certainly think you're slightly more advanced 보다 cavemen who like corn dogs.Ahh! We can do better.Hey, us are means more occurred than cavemen, cromagnon even.And us like hot dogs too.We're just four hockey players that love singing, and we cant' wait for world to hear our first album. Congratulations.Deke now thinks big time rush is four dedicated, smart, and funloving males who re-superstructure a passion for music.And he's looking forward to your album. correct! Shouldn't us be help the guys? we are.Welcome come phase 3 of my large time net blitz.I'm giving the males scuttlebutter accounts.That way, they deserve to text their fans what's the haps, just they won't it is in posting.It'll be me, because they are stupid.Please don't carry out that.It's easy.I signed increase too.You just scuttbutt funny facts about yourself."I dislike brusselsprouts." Done.It's two words: Brussels sprouts.All right, delete Delete, backspace, and also cut What just happened? You just sent out a scuttbutt saying you dislike Brussels, as in the capital of Belgium.Ahhhh! who cares? Phttthew! Sacre bleu! This record producer, he claims he no Brussels. and also now for a true test of skill, twin or nothing.It was a trusted bet.It currently is nothing, and I'm trying to think up a blog here.Follow the ball.Follow the ball.Where the goes, nobody knows.Middle.Wrong.What? Dude, girlfriend should acquire out now.Just to walk away.Seriously.Boys, to speak hello to human body language experienced to the stars, Mr.Fong.What's v the biscuits? No pointing! Deke will think you are accusing.Offer a gentle laugh instead.Ow.Deke think you room shallow and also only care around appearances.Uh, is the bad? Ouch! Ow.Never cross your arms! Deke will certainly think you room closed to him.You want to it is in open.Open, hehhehheh.- Better.- Ohhhh.No slouching! Ahhhh! display me.Deke think you space engaged.He think you are cool.Eclectic! cigarette smoking hot! now you are prepared for your day through deke. Oh, correct! Ohhhh! What? Fong is hungry.Boys, this is a test you can not fail.You should make this a work deke will never forget.What he think is what is.And remember, ours album comes the end in 3 months, and also the internet is a an effective tool that can take BTR best to the top, and also deke is a powerful man.So you men are huge Time Rush. You're for this reason tiny. Yeah, we're huge Time Rush.So exactly how would you describe BTR's music? big time sirloin is a fun mix the rock, pop, through a dash the R&B. What would certainly you it is in doing if girlfriend weren't in a pop band? Um snowboardin'.It's kind of mine thing.Oh, yes.You know, fifty percent pipe.And who space you? Me? I'm James. ns love the web, web, web, web.Right now the boys room winning over deke, and also thanks to scuttlebutter, I'm acquiring the big time indigenous out everywhere the world.Why are you top top TV? Gustavo Rocque is ago in the news because that sparking upset in Belgium.After posting top top scuttlebutter the he no Brussels, Belgian american in L.A.'s little Antwerp, space burning his records and boycotting his latest project: large time rush.Ahhhhh! Okay, done.Wait, what? That's it? "Big time rush is just one more band "forcefed upon united state by the music industry."From the blogger that just writes the truth, "it's clear they are complete of rehearsed sound bites, choreographed human body language, and also no genuine substance." Ahh! "I doubt their words, hair, wardrobe, "and to sing is done because that them.Don't buy your album." Bye.Well, cultivate didn't work.It's time for setup b, together in be ourselves. Come on.Get him.Get him.Wait, deke.Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait.We're sorry.That wasn't united state out there.Just provide us a 2nd chance.And you can't leave yet.It's "a day v deke." Yeah, not "five minutes v deke." my blog looks for the truth, and the truth here is, you're nothing however overdressed that company potbots.Ahh! Now, ns am going earlier to the coffee shop to proof this and then write-up it to my blog and tell anyone that big Time rush is a big waste of time. Hey.James.What to be that? plan c? Ohohohohhh.Okay, we disconnected the Palmwoods' WiFi therefore deke can't article his blog native here.Ehhh.We likewise disconnected the cable TV, telephone, airconditioning, and also all the garden hoses simply in case. you can't prevent the truth.Look, if you simply agree to spend the rest of the day through us prefer you promised and let us prove we're not phonies Both: We'll let you out.Okay.- ns will.- Huh.Ahh.Ahhhh! As shortly as I gain Internet access, you males are huge time finished! Well, let's look on the glowing side.This is absolutely a work deke will never ever forget.Yup.The game: waiting hockey.The rules: an initial one come score wins dual or nothing.Double of nothing is nothing, and what perform you think around a travel blog, like, "don't remain at the Palmwoods, because the manager's nuts"? WiFi is down.Besides, sounds choose somebody's scared. Oh, just give me a paddle. at some time today. Okay. Ted Garcia exterior of Rocque records, whereby Belgian protesters number is numbered in the twin digits room striking back against antibelgianism.It to be a typo! Don't worry.Belgians have tendency to get worn down quickly, then walk home and also make waffles.They're a tranquility loving and gentle people and also now joining the protest is very buff and violent Hollywood activity star Jeanluc Varn Darn.Both: except for the guy.Gustavo, i am coming because that you.Argh! Auuuugh! Send.Look, we just want a chance to readjust the method you think about us.Fine, I'll interview you v the door. correct! Whoo! What made you decide to pertained to L.A.? Um, well, us didn't really setup on this, but when amazing opportunities come, you have actually to might someone elaborate on that? Sure, well, it was my dream to it is in a popular music star, but my buds helped me get to the audition Where execute you watch yourself in 20 Oh, no! His battery died! Wait, wait.All: What? Wait, what? He's in the ducts! Auuugh! every I need to do is find a hardwired computer, and also expose the big time truth.Yeah, well, the reality is, we carry out so sing.Observe.All:# c, c, c, c# not bad, but I will destroy you.All: Go, go, go, go! i feel so spiny, and, man, it's hot in here. All: perform you want some water? perform you have sparkling? One second.He's coming.Hey, catch.Thanks.Ahh, later, losers.All: What? Wait.Ohh, ahhhh! Ow! So, um, what are we looking at here? False imprisonment, involuntary manhunting.I would say at least 100 hours' neighborhood service.Both: Ouch. Is the going ago up? Ahhh.That was type of fun.Whee! - Which method did the slide? - i don't know.We can't lose him.He think we're large time phonies.Oh, that went that way.That way.That way.Where room you, internet connection? Jackpot. now I land in the chair, plug in, and byebye, big time phonies.Darn it! Now, when they view a photo of you enjoying Belgian waffles They'll forget everything, and you'll it is in a national hero.Wait, aren't Belgian waffles an alleged to be, you know, really thick? yeah Both: and so space Belgians. this aren't Belgian waffles.These room frozen toaster waffles! get him! I made decision I hate the web.Gustavo Rocque, you have actually insulted Belgium for the critical time.Wait! I'll organize them off.Run! get them! Life's funny, friend know? someday you're hockey players.Then you're a pop band.Then blognappers.Why does the think we're phonies, hmm? He have to like us.Why would he prefer us? because I've acquired to be honest: ns don't choose us best now.Worse 보다 that, since when walk we start caring about what human being think about us? It's what us think about ourselves that matters.I think we might have allow the marketers placed words in our mouths.I think Mr.Fong's biscuits may have caused short-term insanity.Ho ho, finally a true statement.And carry out you men realize us never even questioned this outfits? ns think we look good.It's a tiny overdone.Quiet, you.We room not four hockey players from Minnesota anymore.We are four Anakins who saw the dark side.Ow! so what perform we do? You're letting me go? Come on.Watch it.Easy.- You're good.- Okay.And the truth is, v our album coming the end soon, there's a the majority of pressure, and it sort of gained to us.We hope you can forgive us.And we hope friend don't push charges.Wow, you've really given me something to think around Right after I write-up my blog about how ns was locked in a closet, tackled, chased through ducts, and also trapped in a garbage can.Bye.Hey, you never know.Maybe he'll acquire hit by a bus ~ above the means to his coffee shop. Ohhh, for this reason close! Let's go, triple or nothing, anything.I can't lose to a ten-year-old girl.Fine, and this one's for every the marbles, marbles representing nothing, the course.Got it.Now, you stand in prior of this bucket.I bet the I have the right to throw these water balloons right into that bucket and also not get a fall on you.Ha! Impossible.You're on.Aha! i win! Whoohoohoo! ns win.I win.I win.You lose.You didn't also get one balloon in the bucket.I know, but this morning, ns bet a bunch of youngsters 20 bucks that I might pelt you through balloons, and you'd cheer. I'm gonna use it come finance mine advice blog:, deserve to you lend me $20 to obtain some dried cleaning? save it.Well, looks like Gustavo had actually a an excellent day too.Boys, I have actually a emotion your album's not gonna sell an extremely well in Belgium. Yeah, about the album Both: your day v deke! Gustavo, before you review the blog Both: Shh.Ahahah."The big time truth: "After lies around snowboarding, corporatewritten sound bites, "and being locked in a supply closet, "I knew in ~ my very first five minute that huge Time sirloin were large time phonies." you locked the in a it is provided closet? Yep.

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"But", hey! "The rest of my day to be literally A big Time Rush." "And no just since of 20foothigh heater duct slides, garbage have the right to rides, and also sparkling water delivered upon request" "But in finding out that large Time rush "are 4 dedicated, smart, and also funloving men who share a passion for music and life." "My job with big Time sirloin is one I'll never forget." "And I'm looking front to hearing their brand-new album." All: Yeah! yes! Whoohoo! Okay, okay, now that mine dogs have crushed phase 2 of our huge time net attack, let's go back to phase one and also make some web videos because that the big Time rush website.And this time, shot not to rest the cameras. gained it.Hey, what's up, guys? huge time sirloin here.Yeah, and this is what it's favor sliding down the Palmwoods wait duct.Both: check it.All: Whooooa! Synch by Benfo