James 1:19 is one of 26 holy bible Verses to help your child discover one scriptures verse because that each letter that the alphabet. For each verse in the ABC scriptures Verse series, over there is a free printable and also YouTube video to assist you and your child discover 26 scriptures verses!

James 1:19 verse Q storage verse because that kids

For ours “Q” city we have actually James 1:19:

Quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry.

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If you are discovering these verses alongside her children, which it’s virtually impossible not to, this is one ns think we as adults need just as lot as our children.

free Printable

To publish out a printer version of James 1:19, click on the attach below.


Lesson for James 1:19

When ns hear James 1:19 I automatically think of every the points I said throughout the work impulsivelyto others.

The scriptures Reference states this city actually way letting God it is in in control. When we easily respond to others in anger, the is in reality our means of make the efforts to manage our circumstances. Instead, we should offer God control.

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Teaching because that Children

A great lesson for youngsters can be uncovered here that centers about dealing with anger biblically. There space different ideas depending on exactly how many children you have.

Video because that James 1:19

Depending on how old your youngsters are, this may be perfect and also adorable…or it may be also young.

Either way, ns promise that will do the cheat – you will certainly memorize the verse (and tune) immediately and also years later you won’t forget it. I certain haven’t.

Weekly tip

Try bringing the weekly holy bible verse right into your nightly prayer. For example, this main you can ask God to assist you and your kids to be “quick come listen, sluggish to speak, and also slow tobecome angry when talking to her friends or teacher tomorrow.”

ABC holy bible Memory Series

Just authorized us? We room working our means through the alphabet, memorizing one bible verse for each letter. Every article will save on computer the complying with concepts:

Learning the verse in tune or a funny tuneRepeating the verse dailyHanging the city up where you will watch itBuilding excitement, having actually a fun goal about memorization = discovering in alphabet fashion gives an endpointUnderstanding the an interpretation of the verse

Find the full index here..

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