The Xcel Energy center has been house to the NHL’s Minnesota Wild due to the fact that 2000. The arena’s location in Saint Paul, the quieter city of the twin Cities, makes the Minnesota Wild the most famous attraction in the city. Minnesota is the hockey capital of the unified States, therefore, absorbing a Minnesota Wild video game is walk to it is in a pricey outing no matter who the team is hosting the night. Our staff wanted to administer a thorough breakdown of the Xcel Energy facility seating chart to aid hockey pan decide where to sit before purchasing their Minnesota Wild tickets.

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Where come Sit at The Xcel power Center

There are 4 seating level at the Xcel Energy facility including the lower level, RBC Wealth administration Club level, suite level, and also upper level. In 2015, the Minnesota Wild changed every seat at the Xcel Energy center creating a an ext comfortable viewing suffer for hockey fans.


The Xcel Energy facility offers numerous premium seating alternatives ideal for business people and corporations spring to entertain clients and other essential guests. We’ll begin by discussing the reduced level seats closest to the ice.



Lower Level


The reduced level seats at the Xcel Energy facility consist of sections 101 through 126. The rows for most reduced level sections are numbered 1 v 26. Some reduced level sections only have 23 rows the seats. Behind the last row of plenty of lower level part is a standing room only area where hockey fans deserve to stand and also watch the game.

The Minnesota Wild bench is situated in prior of ar 117 when the visiting team’s bench is situated in front of section 116. The Minnesota Wild shoot double on the net in former of ar 110 when the visiting team shoots double on the network in front of ar 123. The penalty box is situated in prior of part 103 and 104.



Audi On-The-Glass Seats


The Audi On-The-Glass seats are the first row of seat in the reduced level part of the Xcel power Center. The perks for the Audi On-The-Glass seats include the following.

Access to the Audo Quattro ClubLess wait at restrooms and also concessionsAll-inclusive food, beer, wine, and also soft drinksComplimentary parking because that season ticket holders of two or much more seats (Kellogg Parking Ramp)Private coat examine for Audi Quattro club membersPasses for the RBC Wealth management Club level detailed upon request

There are only 190 seats on the glass in ~ the Xcel power Center.



Audi Quattro Seats


The Audi Quattro Seats, additionally known together the “Elite Seats”, are situated in in between the home and visiting team benches in ~ the foot of sections 116 and also 117. The Audi Quattro seat are marketed on one individual video game basis and come v the adhering to perks.

Concierge service4 tickets between the home and visiting team benchesValet parking in the players’ parking lotPrivate tourism of the press box during an intermissionDinner in ~ the Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 ClubAll-inclusive food and soft drinks in the Audi Quattro ClubExclusive gifts provided to guestsGroup photos from the locker room and also bench provided as keepsakesAccess to the RBC Wealth administration Club Level



RBC Wealth monitoring Club Seats


The RBC Wealth management Club seats consist of part C1 v C40. The rows for the club sections space numbered 1 through 7.

The perks for the RBC Wealth monitoring Club seat at the Xcel Energy center include the following.

Access come the Goal heat Spirits and also Eatery, and also Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 ClubParking pass included for season ticket holders of 4 or more club seatsComplimentary coffee throughout the third period of Minnesota Wild house gamesLess wait at restrooms and concessionsRail seating behind row 7Access to full-service bars v flat-screen HD televisionsIn-seat waiter serviceComplimentary roster cards



Upper Level


The top level seats at the Xcel Energy center consist of part 201 through 230. The rows for many upper level sections are numbered 1 with 11. Some top level part on the end of the Xcel Energy center have as few as 7 rows of seats.

The upper level in ~ the Xcel Energy facility offers the many affordable tickets for Minnesota Wild house games.



Bud Light peak Shelf Lounge


The Bud Light top Shelf Lounge is an all-inclusive area situated on the west end of the Xcel power Center’s RBC Wealth monitoring Club level.


The area is made up of 24 loge boxes located in in between sections C14 and C18, and provides hockey fans with the following perks.

Access come a personal canoe-inspired barTickets for 4 guests every loge boxAll-inclusive food and also soft drinks all set by raise RestaurantsPrivate loge crate seating v Scandinavian-style architectureLess wait in ~ restrooms and concessionsIn-seat beverage serviceLocated in the Minnesota Wild double attack zoneiPad ease of access during Minnesota Wild home gamesCoat inspect for guestsComplimentary video game programs





Luxury suites in ~ Xcel Energy center can it is in leased for whole season, half season, or individual game basis. There room 74 suites in ~ the Xcel power Center. The perks for the suites in ~ Xcel Energy center include the following.

Tickets for between 20 and also 30 guestsPrivate entryEarly suite accessibility for Minnesota Wild house gamesAssigned suite attendantCatered food prepared by levying RestaurantsFlat-screen HD televisionsPrivate suite level restroomsAccess come The reserve by Bremer BankParking happen for guestsFurniture, wet bar, and also refrigerator


The to make reservation is an upscale lounge top top the Bremer financial institution Suite Level that the Xcel energy Center. To learn much more about leasing a suite in ~ the Xcel energy Center, you re welcome visit



Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Club


The Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 society is a private bar and also restaurant located near section C4 on the RBC Wealth administration Club level. The Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Club opens up two hours before Minnesota Wild home games.

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Mobile Ticketing

The Minnesota Wild no longer welcome PDF tickets published at house at the Xcel power Center. Hockey fans room instead required to usage a mobile device to get entry into the arena, and to download the NHL app. To learn an ext about the Xcel energy Center’s cell phone ticketing policies, please visit