I experienced one on here for 1.5 i beg your pardon pretty lot concludes it that Diamond Dust was the peak tier i beg your pardon piqued mine curiosity on i beg your pardon tiers execute the ones in 2 loss into. I've to be hearing Decisive Pumpkin because of the Combo boost that comes with it however haven't heard lot on others and where they autumn or if there's specific ones that are optimal for the drive creates on the account of the addition of abilities gift attached to keyblades this time around which can influence a details playstyle.

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Not sure about a tier list but I have the right to say i m sorry keyblades are important in kh2.

Decisive Pumpkin has combo rise which is desired for most fights.

Hero's Crest is the keyblade you would certainly use against Xigbar since air combo rise and he remains in the waiting pretty lot all the time. This is additionally the keyblade that's used throughout the story until decisive pumpkin usually.

Bond of Flame is really useful for anything or everyone weak come fire (though typically fire is really good in kh2 specifically final form firaga).

Mysterious Abyss can be useful versus data Axel due to the fact that he's weak against blizzard (usually check out it in data org 13 speed runs).

Guardian Soul is an excellent against Xaldin since outside of rate runs strats, the main way to hurt Xaldin is to gather and use the run reaction commands.

Fenrir is interesting because of cheese strats. Basically you need sora to have a negative combo plus come equip and also stack through the keyblade's an adverse combo to add (this isn't easily accessible in crit lv1 due to the fact that you should lv up because that sora to acquire his an unfavorable combo plus). Climate you make certain you have actually the straightforward air finisher you start out with. Currently you can cheese lingering will certainly to fatality by spamming the basic air combo finisher (i don't remember exactly why this works but i'm sure there room vids on youtube about it). Ns don't psychic which various other fights this cheese strat worked in but lingering will certainly is the main victim the this cheese.

Fatal Crest is advantageous in crit lv1 in part data org rate run strats. The focus is continuously attacking at mp recharge with donald's flare force finisher. Again, not too familiar with how it functions in depth but when excellent correctly, you can end an adversary without them break out.

Rumbling Rose can offer you one extra combo finisher which has its uses.

Photon Debugger it s okay an honorable mention since it boosts thunder. Really dependent on how much you use thunder overall.

Ultima Weapon it s okay an honorable mention as well since MP Hastega is a great ability however it's not an especially strong otherwise.

Kingdom Key have the right to keep girlfriend alive longer at times since extra defender yet there are better options otherwise.

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Oathkeeper can expand drive form duration which I've provided on occasion once leveling increase forms. Afterwards, I stopped using the in last mix since you either build drive really easily (rip Oblivion) or end up the enemy off through a kind anyways.