In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Polonius provides some fatherly advice as he bids his son, Laertes, farewell. He gives him number of rules to live by, however one stand out: “This above all: come thine own self be true.” This month I desire to encourage us as a congregation to think about a Biblical different to the way our society follows this advice and also increasingly exalts what is labeling “authenticity,” or “self-actualization.”

More and more, we are urged to “be who we are.” We room told to stand up to calls come conform our stays to external standards. Come “know thyself” is the foundational commandment and the decision to act in light of who we are is the guiding rule behind our morality and also ethics. As a pastor, I have the right to assure girlfriend that all of our inter-personal struggles space the direct an outcome of civilization being true come themselves; of world acting precisely like that they are; of world ‘to their own selves gift true.’

The scriptures offers us a radically various perspective. Culture tells united state to “be who we are.” The bible tells us to “become who we should.” In 2 Corinthians 13, Paul gives those who are his kids in the faith a an extremely different farewell. In verse 11, he says,

“Finally, brothers, good-by. Aim because that perfection…”

In Romans 7 the laments the reality that his command is very “authentically” that of a sinner conserved by grace in who a continuous struggle in between doing good and doing evil takes place:

“What a wretched man I am!,” that writes, “who will supply me native this body of death?”

Now there is a male who to know himself! however he desperately desires not “to his very own self to be true.” Rather, he wants to be true to an additional – he desires to conform his life come the pattern developed in and by Jesus Christ. He aims at perfection and calls united state to execute so together well.

This month let’s look at the huge pictures of ours lives. Are we “being who we are,” or are we “Becoming that we should?” Being who we are is as basic as falling off a log. But, choose falling turn off a log, that is always accompanied by the scrapes and bruises the this life. Ending up being who we should is in countless ways exactly the opposite.

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Together a rule, the is harder to perform the best thing, however it brings v us the heavenly rewards that a clean conscience and our expansion in Christ-likeness. Who will us listen to this month – Shakespeare speaking with Polonius, or the divine Spirit speaking with Paul?