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I to be stuck once I shot to get ago into the botanical gardens.

Problem is the plants seem to have dissapeared.....

I just acquired the antidote and also instead of walk in right away ns went back to other areas and grabbed some of the riddles ns missed out... Anyway I"m ready to go there... My only objective is stop Poison icy from damaging the island.

so as soon as I go into the prior door of botanical gardens, i cant go forward. There is not vine in the means but ns cant walk forward.. I tried going come the left and down the vent whereby the arkham plaque is yet the grate is still there. Not sure if the video game is glitched but I cant move forward.

ANY assist would be lot appreciated.

I"m playing this on PC.

User Info: neloangelo6661

neloangelo6661 11 years ago#2
Yea...there"s supposed to it is in a plant vine in the way and the grate is claimed to be gotten rid of so you can climb ago up. If it"s feasible I would pack a ahead save and also do that again. If the doesn"t work I would certainly reinstall the game. And if that doesn"t work you have to get one more copy.
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User Info: Jummy123

Jummy123 11 year ago#3
Like the over poster stated ^ as soon as you get in turn left there will certainly be a grate, rember when you first escaped from your you went with the grate.
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STUCK BADLY! gain to Ivy to death her.

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