These are just like the tournaments, just no need for reputation points. Additionally unlike the tournaments, to win you must place at the top after all 5 lakes. Girlfriend don"t must place an initial in every one of these tournaments to win the achievement, but an initial place offers you $50 so the will assist towards come $2000 earned achievement.

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Lake Amistad - 5 largest Stripped Bass

The docks in the invitationals space in different places 보다 in the job tournaments so under the bridge is no much longer the spot to go. From where you start, head the end of the bay and take a left. Continue south come the an initial big bay on the left and also in the channel ideal off the main part of the lake is a substantial school the Striped Bass. I provided a fall shot worm here.

Lake Fork - 5 biggest Largemouth Bass

The closest location I found was a small bay directly south-west of the starting dock. There space plenty that largemouth base in this little bay. I provided a tube bait here.

Lake Onieda - 5 biggest Smallmouth Bass

The ideal place I might find was clear on the opposite next of the lake to the west. Previous the first bridge, ~ above the phibìc shore is a dock, and I was fishing come the right of it. I offered a pipe bait below as well.

Lake Champlain - 5 biggest Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass

This one have the right to be a little tricky. Clear you want to catch largemouth, but huge ones space a tiny hard to come by. I discovered a small bay alongside a little light house right phibìc of where you start. I provided a fall shot worm here.

Table rock Lake - 5 biggest Kentucky Bass

The point out I offered in the last invitational was the precise same spot together in the tournament. The last bay to the west on the southern shore. For part reason, the Kentucky bass really love this bay.

BPS Invitational ChallengeComplete all 5 Bass pro Shops invitational tournaments


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You also win a new boat.

Legendary Fish

*note – if you ever before hook a legend fish and lose it, you may need to leaving the lake and come back again.

Head to fast Fish

Lake Amistad - No legendary Fish

Lake Ouachita - “The Monster” - stripe Bass

My record – 62lbs

The Monster is situated on the far west edge of the map, top top the north section that continues on into where the flow meets the lake nearly as far as you deserve to go. At the finish you have to see on your fish finder a large looking symbol of a fish. There is a college of striped bass and also catfish here. Cast towards to ago past the catfish to record this fish.

Lake Fork - Casper - White Crappie

My capture - 5.8lbs

Casper is located almost as much away indigenous the beginning point together you deserve to go. Head south until you can turn right and also head phibìc again. Start heading north-west and turn right into the channel that goes to the northern most point of the lake. Under this lengthy channel is a tiny peninsula on the west bank almost all the way to the north. Simply south eastern of this bank is a institution of white crappie"s. Just keep recording them and also eventually you will catch Casper.

Lake Wylie - Leviathan or Levi - Catfish

My catch - 40lbs

In the southeast corner of the lake, behind a small island. You can see it on the map through the perpendicular corner. If you come in ~ it from the phibìc side, fish straight ahead towards the center pillar. Just keep reeling in catfish and also eventually friend will catch Levi. This thing is a monster, and also you can quickly see it"s the largest and darkest of the catfish.

Lake Guntersville - Hubs - black color Crappie

My record – 6.0lbs

Go straight southern from the dock, under the small of the 2 fingers, ~ above the eastern side of the bridges. In the direction of the end, the coast on the eastern juts out a little. Ideal off this is whereby Hubs have the right to be found.

Lake Champlain - Wally - Walleye

My capture – 22lbs

To the north of the beginning point, on the eastern side the the bridges is a small inlet that opens into a bay that comes back around come the south. At the enntrance gate to this bay, southern of the narrow inlet is wherein you will uncover Wally. I offered a jerkbait to weed the end all the little ones, climate a autumn shot worm on Wally. He will stick the end from the others because of his orange and also brown tint.

Lake Oneida - Striker - north Pike

My record – 50lbs

Travel all the way to the east of the lake and head come the southern shore. A means west girlfriend will find some docks on shore. I discovered Striker ideal off the center dock. I offered a jerkbait to catch him.

Lake Oneida - Goliath - Muskie

My catch – 35 lbs

This guy was very difficult for me come catch. Come the east of Striker prior to the concrete wall, fish about 5 watercraft lengths out right into the water. The muskie are sort of tough to come by, however they will certainly be over there eventually. Keep catching them and he will soon follow. He stands the end from the rest due to the fact that of the scars he has on his sides.

Lake Pickwick - The Captain - Smallmouth Bass

My capture – 8lbs

Head to the damn on the west side and also follow the north financial institution east. In the 3rd bay, head north and also immediately rotate right right into the smaller bay inside. There need to be a institution of smallmouth bass as well as The Captain.

Lake Toho - The Mouth - Largemouth Bass

My catch - 22lbs

Head south, then all the way to the east. In the tiny bay in ~ the end, top top the north side is The Mouth. Hes larger and much darker than the other Largemouth here.

Table rock Lake - Tucky Blue - Kentucky Spotted Bass

My capture - 9lbs

Go every the way to the east. In ~ the end there is a institution of Kentucky Spotted Bass. If you keep capturing them you will certainly eventually capture Tucky Blue.

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Legendary AnglerCatch every 10 legend fish


3 guides

Final Achievements

When I finally finished capturing everything I needed to and finishing the tournaments and also invitationals, and after to buy the various equipment I wanted, I had actually $461.46. Depending upon how many difficulties you have actually done, or price fish you have caught, girlfriend will certainly have a different total amount. The success comes with money earned, no money on you, so also if you spent some, the doesn"t affect the achievement.

This is just one of the more time consuming sets of accomplishments so be ready to perform this because that a few hours in ~ least. Therefore to end up off the last achievements, go to challenges > 1 player > any of the casting contests. If you acquire perfects, this will obtain you around 20 dollars every 2 minute or so. It"s a grind, but if friend haven"t already, at some point you will certainly get