The Baja Warrior 200 (a.k.a. WR200, Baja Heat, Baja Carbon, or Mini Baja) was amongst the overseas-manufactured pocket bikes the made a buzz in the previous decade. Small, sleek, and also powerful, this two-wheeler noted many off-roaders thrills on and off the road.

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Launched in 2010, the Baja Warrior to be a to chat mini bike intended for casual riders and also weekend warriors. This off-road car featured grippy tires, a 196-cc power mill, and also a sturdy structure with several shade options. It to be classic and reliable and appealed come both youngsters and adults.

However, several rumors have circled the production halt of this vehicle. With that said, you could be wondering what has actually now become of this mini motorcycle. Read on and also discover with this article.


About the Baja Warrior

The Baja Warrior MB200 is, perhaps, among the most (if no the most) famous rides there to be to Baja Motorsports’ heat of off-road vehicles – which included dirt bikes, go-karts, and also dune buggies. That reminded countless veterans the the iconic, full-sized Harley-Davidson big bikes through their monstrous power and also triple exhausts creating what seemed to be music. In ~ the very same time, entertain riders appreciated its simplistic, rugged design and overall functionality.

Usually compared to the TrailMaster and also Coleman mini bikes, the Baja exudes the exact same vibe and consists of virtually the same contents as the various other two brands. It has a comparable Honda-clone engine, pseudo-tank front storage, sealed drum brakes, and an open-engine chassis. The just exceptions would probably be the many reflectors the machine has and also the selection of bodywork choices available, which went beyond the variety of colors other pocket bikes offered.

Baja Warrior 200 Mini cycle Specs & Features


For many Chinese-made vehicles, it is needless come say lock share the exact same cloned engines – hence, the very same power and torque outputs. As stated in a previous post I did this main on the TrailMaster minibike, a 22-mm or 24-mm carb space the best-known go-to choices for these motorbikes. The same goes because that the Baja MB200.

Engine Type4-Stroke, Single-cylinder OHV engine
Carburetion SystemCarburetion, 19-mm Honda-clone carbohydrate x 1
Engine CoolingAir cooling
Engine FuelUnleaded gasoline w/ at the very least PON/RON 87/91 rating, 48.5 mph (78 km/h) – straightaway, after stage 1 and also TAV 2 kit upgrades
Engine Oil & Quantity0.53 united state quart – SAE 15W-40

Whether you have the stock carb or had actually it swapped come something bigger, it is an important to give the Baja Warrior carburetor a thorough clean. Not only is this part of proper maintenance, yet it is additionally a method to enhance the longevity of her engine and motorbike.


Stock gearing that 10:1 (10T in ~ the front and 50T at the back) provides the Baja Warrior that torque-heavy nature. When this renders the vehicle’s strength desirable, that does no make it the fastest bag bike among its competition. Thankfully, boosting the front and rear sprockets, acquiring a speak converter likeBullet currently Torque Converter(view on Amazon), and increasing the carbohydrate size enhances its efficiency and powertrain.

ClutchCentrifugal, counterclockwise PTO obelisk rotation, automatic
Sprocket(50T behind sprocket, 10T Jackshaft sprocket)
Final DriveChain drive, 420 O-ring chain, 102 links
Gear Ratio10:01


Like many Chinese-manufactured pocket bikes, the Baja Warrior mini bike has a Transistor controlled Igniter (TCI) and pull starter bringing the automobile to life. It does no come v a battery. Yet should you need one, equip it through a 12V 4Ah/(10 Hr) maintenance-free, YB4L-A or YB4L-B battery. Doing therefore will prevent your headlight indigenous dimming when you hit greater RPMs and also allow you to mount a digital gauge kit orelectronic GPS(view ~ above Amazon) on her bike.

IgnitionTransistor controlled Igniter (TCI)
Starting SystemRecoil traction start
Idle Speed1500 ± 100 RPM
Spark PlugNGK BPR6ES, 0.7-0.8 mm (0.028-0.031 in) gapTorque: 1/2 turn past finger chop (new); 1/4 turn previous finger tight (old)
GeneratorFlywheel Magneto
Battery (Optional)12V 4Ah/(10 Hr), YB4L-A or YB4L-B battery
Battery Dimensions4.75 x 2.75 x 3.62 in

Tires & Brakes

19-inch all-terrain tires are placed on stole rims and also are mated to sealed drum brakes, which provide the cycle its avoiding power. Brakes room hand-actuated via brake levers situated on both end of the handgrips.Duro DI2005 black Hawk II Tires(view on Amazon) are excellent replacements because that worn or damaged share rubber.

Tire (F/R)Low-pressure AT19 x 7-8, tubeless
Off-road/road air press (F/R)82.7 kPa (0.84 kgf-cm2, 12 psi)
Tread limit (F/R)4 mm (0.16 in)
Brake kind (F/R)Sealed drum


Although floor clearance was already sufficient at virtually 5.0 inches, Massimo upgraded it come 6.7 inches for later-year models. This greater ground clearance and also 4-inch former suspension travel enabled the Baja Warrior 196cc to be an ideal for off-roading. Perhaps, the only downside to these functions is that bump absorb is still unideal (due to the lack of a behind suspension). Equipping your vehicle withMophorn 12-inch adjustable Shocks(view on Amazon) is an choice you can look into. However, this will call for reconstructing the rear-end of her bike’s structure to enable for shock installation.

Ground Clearance124.5 – 170 mm (4.9 – 6.7 in); 203 mm (8 in) – website
Wheelbase1,150 mm (45.3 in); 927 mm (36.5 in) – website
Front Suspension Type, TravelHydraulic telescopic fork, 101.6 mm (4 in)
Rear Suspension Type, TravelN/A


Overall dimensions and capacities room pretty lot like that is same-class counterparts, except for its dried weight. Its initial version is contempt lighter than other 200-class motorbikes. Payload capacity is just up come 220 lbs, although some owners push the two-wheeler to carry up to 250-lb riders. I have the right to only i think the Baja MB200’s GVWR come be in ~ 174 Kg (383.6 lbs) – I have factored in the front storage capacity, i m sorry is i m so sad not stated anywhere in the Baja Warrior service manual.

Length1,680 mm (66.14 in)
Width769.6 mm (30.3 in)
Height1,016 mm (40 in)
Seat height (Unloaded)624.8 mm (24.6 in)
Dry Weight65.8 – 70 Kg (145 – 154.3 lbs)
Maximum load Limit91 – 100 Kg (200 – 220.5 lbs)


This miniature motorcycle’s frame consists of strong, tubular steel with an open-engine, half-naked aesthetic. Plastics room made obtainable in black, red, camo, Quicksand, and also Tactical Gray color options. A front storage crate that looks like a false gas tank bring away the place of front and rear racks (and is terrific for save essentials in and ensure castle are kept dry). Its considerable padded seat and foldable footpegs are great news for a many operators. The mini bicycle only has actually a headlight but is studded with reflectors ~ above its front and also rear.

The autumn of the Warrior

A usual question about the Baja Warrior MB200 is, what brought about the discontinuance of such a qualified mini bike. The answer to this is straightforward (and quite frustrating, in mine opinion) – piled up, unresolved client complaints, the inability to correct mechanically flaws, and also lack of coordination v CPSC or customer Product safety Commission about the injury reports relating to the influenced products. While a mistake must not it is in the be-all and end-all of any type of manufacturer, not correcting that after the has concerned your attention is.

Baja Motorsports distributed the Baja mini bicycle lineup alongside other Chinese-made dirt bikes and also go-karts. The trouble started once the firm received customer reports and complaints on fuel leaks and unintended acceleration perhaps endangering rider security as at an early stage as 2010. If the initial recall involved a different series of product offerings, the seeming nonchalance of the firm result in much more product recalls in the succeeding years.

Specific to the Baja Warrior, the stated mini bike to be recalled double – very first on November 19, 2013, and second on September 9, 2015. The front fork (or suspension) was prone to loss off the wheel, bring about falling and also potential crash hazards. This situation, in itself, is grave sufficient of a hazard for Baja owners. What made that worse is the these mini bikes are greatly used by youngsters who could suffer more far-ranging injuries 보다 adults in the event of an accident. Repercussions of this unresolved customer complaints obtained out of hand and caused the firm several lawsuits and also a good of $4.3M.

Baja Warrior MB200 Pros and also Cons


The bike has several reflectors located at the front and also rear parts of the frame and also the behind fender. These serve as secondary safety measure because the bicycle is a tad tiny and might be daunting to spot on the road at night.Owners love that is chain drive, together it is an ext straightforward compared to a V-belt transmission.The handlebar’s center is a good spot for mounting a digital gauge kit come track her running mileage, hours, and Baja Warrior 200 top speed.While stock rate is low, a phase 1 upgrade have the right to easily twin the top-end calculation of this bag bike – let alone phase 2 modifications. Changing the prior sprocket alone indigenous 10T to 20T would rise the top-end to 53 mph (85 km/h).


The footpegs are situated right under the handlebars, making the awkward for riders to wake up or journey in a more aggressive position.The fuel tank lid is appropriate under the “pseudo tank” storage, do it daunting to refill v gasoline. Friend will have to use prolonged funnel to placed gas in it.The oil drainpipe is emotional the frame at the rear end. This setup provides draining oil pretty messy due to the fact that old oil spills onto the frame and not directly onto a drain pan.It does not have a rear suspension, which makes for bad bump absorption.

Overall, riding the Baja Warrior is exhilarating and also fun. Yes – Massimo deserve to do a lot far better in place the engine and also lubrication materials inside the chassis to do servicing the two-wheeler an ext convenient. However for that size, performance, and also price point, the 196cc Baja Warrior is a very competent mini bike.

What Is the Worth?

For a brand-new Baja Warrior 200 Mini Bike, MSRP is $999.99 (not consisting of shipping and other extraneous fees). Secondhand units sold by private owners may expense more, relying on the overall condition and number of mods excellent on the wheeler. Based upon my research, this vehicle shows up to be difficult to come by online. Thankfully, Baja Warrior 200 components are no (for example, front and also rear fenders are marketed online because that under $35 each). Aftermarket assistance for the cycle is noticeably huge, with highly-regarded dealers choose Go power Sports offering replacement engines and torque converter kits.

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About Baja

Baja Motorsports is among the leading distributors of Chinese powersports products in the U.S., including the Baja Warrior 200 Mini Bike. The for sure was established in 2004 by Ryan Daugherty, wealthy Godfrey, and Jennifer Andrew. Since then, it has actually grown right into a family members name in relation to quality overseas-made vehicles and also motorized products. Currently, that product offerings encompass kiddie quads, dust bikes, go-karts, and also other off-roading vehicles.

Conclusion – Baja Warrior 200 Mini Bike

More than being a highly capable bike, the Baja Warrior also feeds the whims of the practicing mechanically expert. Its simple engine configuration, ceiling chassis, and also lack of a gearshift make it a perfect project build. V this in mind, to buy a secondhand Baja entails careful consideration the its strengths and weaknesses. If girlfriend are looking for a dirt-road-ready, bump-absorbing bag bike, climate you may want to examine out every other choices before making a decision. Yet if you’d like to hone your an abilities both in riding and creating a trace beast, this two-wheeler is a an excellent choice!