The OMG Girlz space a to sing group. Two of the group’s members - Reginae and also Zonnique - are the daughters of some famousrappers Lil Wayne and also singer Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, a previous member that 90s group Xscape that is now engaged to rapper T.I. And also stars top top the bet reality show Tiny and also Toya. There suggest OF View!Oh Em Gee! Who carried the fun ago to music? The OMG GIRLZ, the course! The just thing you’ll be thinking as soon as you hear the OMG GIRLZ song or view them painting your city pink, purple and also blue is “could these girlz it is in the next big thing?” Destined because that stardom, the new teenage girl group, comprised of the talented, totally gorgeous, and specialized high-school students, “Miss STAR” (Zonnique Pullins – 16 year old), “Miss BEAUTY” (Bahja Rodriguez – 15 year old) and “Miss infant DOLL” (Breaunna Womack – 17 years old) room proving they have one-of-a-kind sass, swag, intelligence, showmanship and also talent. Dispersing their post of mrs empowerment anywhere they go, even their name– Officially miss out on Guided – is a play on words simply as fun as each girl’s vibrant hairstyle. “Officially” speaking, OMG stands for young ladies AKA “Miss” that room “Guided” in hopeful ways, hence “Officially miss Guided.” their mission – to let girlz anywhere know they can stand together as girlfriend in positivity, true sisterhood and solidarity.Ahead of the video game with standout style, the OMG GIRLZ space all around friendship and also it’s simple to watch why they’re as thick together thieves. In fact, Star and Beauty are lifelong friends, as their mom’s have actually been ideal friends due to the fact that they to be kids. STAR brings a cutesy, prissy facet to the group. She’s the quiet, laidback one, yet you wouldn’t know that once she access time the stage with raw and exciting energy. BEAUTY bring a strong, demanding, turn-your-head facet to the Girlz. She’s a hard one yet wrapped up within is a feminine, cute fun-loving prankster. Baby DOLL is the animated, over-the-top rapper that loves to dance, it is in athletic and look just as flirty together she is cute and edgy. Put together, the an effective female power of The OMG GIRLZ renders for a magical dynamic that’s reminiscent of above girl teams like TLC, The summer sprouts Girls and Destiny’s Child.Grammy award winning Singer/Songwriter, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, previously of the multi-platinum girl group, Xscape, formed the OMG GIRLZ in 2009. Back STAR and BEAUTY were in the group from the start, infant DOLL joined the team in 2010 and immediately bonded through them. Because then they have been very busy, working hard with recording and performing. Difficult work does salary off, in December 2011; they were awarded a significant record label deal with Interscope Records. The Atlanta-based OMG GIRLZ who room consummate entertainers that give one hundred percent whetherin studio, onstage or throughout interviews, are figured out to bring the world their youthful expression that All-American, energetic, urban-pop music.The OMG GIRLZ have actually been featured ~ above both BETs “The small & Toya Show,” & and also VH1s “T.I. & Tiny: The household Hustle,” however it to be the release of their very first official single, “GUCCI THIS (GUCCI THAT),” and also their power on the “SCREAM Tour,” that offered their careers a jolt and garnered lock nationwide attention, peer acceptance and also fan basic notoriety.It all began in January 2011, as soon as the OMG GIRLZ to be selected amongst hundreds of attendees to success the opportunity to become the “Next scream Star,” and also ultimately won a slot to perform on the ago to institution SCREAM tourism – The next Generation. Together the present openers, they broadened their fan base and also became instant hits via their electrifying live show. Teen star an equipment and Head that Mauldin Brand Agency, Michael Mauldin (Kris Kross, Jermaine Dupri, Bow Wow, Xscape, SCREAM tourism creator), observed their promise and also decided to take the women under his wing signing them to the management arm of his company. Under Mauldin’s managerial direction the OMG GIRLZ proceed to sharpen their craft v artist development, non-stop touring and also appearances. Your never-give-up mindset mixed v blood, sweat and tears has really payment off together OMG GIRLZ constantly showed that the “Next scream Star” title to be rightfully theirs.From the start of their recent signing come Interscope/Streamline records via entertainment strength couple, Tameka “Tiny” & T.I. Harris’ record labels — quite Hustle and also Grand Hustle, respectively – The OMG GIRLZ’ very first official video, “GUCCI THIS (GUCCI THAT),” take it off and became an prompt hit on the peak 10 list of BET’s 106 & Park (Video attach here: Critical year, prior to their significant deal, your viral video clip for the song, “Pretty Girl Bag,” a remix of currently label mate, Soulja Boy’s, “Pretty young Swag,” raked in over two million views within ten month of the debut top top YouTube. Most recently Lady Gaga proclaimed to her 20 million-plus followers via twitter that she to be “obsessed with these tiny cuties.” tell me, have the right to you gain a much better endorsement?The OMG GIRLZ are currently working on your debut album, which is slated for release this Fall. The CD guarantees “a tiny something because that everybody,” states BEAUTY.

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Continue to be tuned for an upbeat mix of i know good hop, R&B, rap and also pop – every packed with girl power messages aimed at teens just like them. The girlz space making it your mission with music to help young girlz realize their potential to it is in the independent, solid and beautiful following generation that leaders! v a bold look, sound, and also even bolder message, these girlz space headed because that trendsetting greatness.Read more: OMG Girlz Bio