Avery Winter was born top top January 22, 2002 (age 19) in Lubbock, Texas, united States. She is a celebrity singer.

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Avery Winter is an American pop singer who first shot to fame, once she performed at NBC"s ˜America"s acquired Talent", Season 6 as component of the trio ˜Avery and also the Calico Hearts" She was only 9 years old as soon as she signed up because that auditioning in the pan-American singing competition. Years before turning up for the audition, Avery met the other two singers of the troika, Kassidy King and Brooklyn Elbert, in ~ Cactus theater in Lubbock, Texas. Complying with their acquaintance, the three children who were less than 5 years old, teamed up to kind the Avery and the Calico hearts group. They performed on regular basis as a team not only at Cactus theatre but additionally all end West Texas in prior of audiences that much more often than not consisted of of practically 80,000 spectators. Despite the youngsters promised to stick together as a singing group, lock disbanded six years later on as Avery and also her family members shifted to Dallas indigenous Lubbock. Kassidy and also Brooklyn continued to belt out performances together a twosome. Avery Winter currently performs as a soloist, concentrating largely on country numbers, the most famous being a covering of Mamma Knows finest by Jessie J.

Family life


She is native Lubbock, Texas.

Before Fame


She began taking voice lessons in ~ the Cactus Theater as soon as she was just 4 year old. She learned how to yodel when she was just 6.

in ~ first, she was posting she videos to the YouTube channel cwinter7 before making AveryWinterMusic her main channel. She sang "Big and Loud" at Texas tech in 2007 once she was simply 5 years old.

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Avery Winter is still Alive?<✎>

Avery Winter is alive and well and is a celebrity singer

Body & eyes Color


Avery Winter is 19 years old. Avery Winter"s height is Unknown & weight is Not easily accessible now. Avery Winter"s measurements, garments & shoes dimension is gift updated shortly or you have the right to click edit switch to update Avery Winter"s height and other parameters.

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Jessie J"s Mamma to know Best. ;"> her most well-known cover ~ above YouTube is of Jessie J"s "Mamma to know Best."

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