1 : the ideal to pick what must be excellent in a details situation every artist in the gallery has discretion end the price that will be charged because that his or her work. The coach used/exercised his very own discretion to let the hurt quarterback play. See an ext ExamplesThe amount each person contributes will certainly be left come the discretion that the individual. <=each human being will decide just how much that or she will contribute> since of the violence in the movie, parental discretion is advised. <=parents are advised come think around whether or no they desire their children to watch the movie>Hide

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2 : the quality of being careful about what girlfriend do and say for this reason that human being will not be embarrassed or offended : the high quality of being discreet He always uses care and discretion when managing others. She taken on the awkward situation with an excellent discretion. She is the heart of discretion. <=she is really discreet>
b : power of free decision or latitude of choice within particular legal bounds reached the age of discretion
2 : the top quality of having actually or reflecting discernment or an excellent judgment : the top quality of being discreet : circumspection especially : cautious make reservation in speech

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gumption , nous ,


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despite it is worth noting that to live in a location where other people come just for pleasure has the odd impact of do me feel transient, while the visitors seem more fixed and also permanent in your lives, coming together they perform from more conventional residences far away. The is as if ns am always waiting for them and am below at their discretion. — Richard Ford, Wall Street Journal, 14-15 June 2008 In Texas "capital" killing doesn"t necessarily mean a death-penalty case; it"s the designation for any kind of aggravated murder, and also prosecutors have complete discretion in deciding whether to seek fatality in together cases. — man Cloud, Time, 14 July 2003 Del Monte was a courtier, bureaucrat, diplomat and also politician born and also bred and also he construed the need for discretion. — Peter Robb, The man Who came to be Caravaggio, (1998) 1999 each artist in the gallery has actually discretion end the price that will be charged for his or her work. The coach used his very own discretion come let the injured quarterback play. He constantly uses care and also discretion when managing others. She handled the awkward case with good discretion.
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Recent examples on the net while the research on mixing and matching doses is somewhat thin, even some scientists who have strongly criticized the Biden administration"s booster plan said providers must be provided a measure of discretion as the project ramps up. — Compiled Democrat-gazette employee From cable Reports, Arkansas Online, 20 Oct. 2021 if the research on mixing and also matching doses is somewhat thin, even some researchers who have actually strongly criticize the Biden administration’s booster policy said the providers need to be provided a measure up of discretion as the campaign ramps up. — New York Times, 18 Oct. 2021 because that decades, the U.S. Government has condemned influential offshore taxes havens, where liberal rules and also guarantees that discretion have drawn oligarchs, business tycoons and also politicians. — Washington Post, 9 Oct. 2021 Nevertheless, rental a lot of discretion when setting out to find the best LLC formation site for this reason. — The Salt Lake Tribune, 5 Oct. 2021 Attorney norm Pattis, a Jones lawyer no directly associated in the Texas cases, called the rulings an abuse of justice discretion. — Edmund H. Mahony, courant.com, 1 Oct. 2021 Additionally, the filing claims the court abused the discretion by permitting only restricted evidence native a 2019 encounter in between Floyd and police. — Dakin Andone, CNN, 24 Sep. 2021 Chauvin’s appeal alleges the the trial judge abused his discretion by denying his inquiry to postpone or move the trial native Minneapolis because of the publicity approximately the case. — Siladitya Ray, Forbes, 24 Sep. 2021 judge Peter Cahill denied the inquiry Friday, saying defense attorney Eric Nelson has actually not presented that abused that is discretion and refuse Chauvin the right to a same trial. — Amy Forliti and Steve Karnowski, Chron, 25 June 2021

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History and also Etymology because that discretion

center English discrecioun "rational perception, ethical discernment, good judgment," borrowed from Anglo-French & so late Latin; Anglo-French discreciun, descrecion, obtained from late Latin discrētiōn-, discrētiō "separation, action or strength of distinguishing, caution, prudence," going ago to Latin, "division, discrimination," from discrē-, variant stem that discernere "to separate, distinguish" + -tiōn-, -tiō, suffix of verbal activity — more at discern