Ashley Wilkes

Scarlett is the main character in Gone with the Wind, and also its natural to see parallels in between her and the author, Margaret Mitchell. Prefer Scarlett, Mitchell damaged down obstacles for ladies in the professions (Mitchell as a journalist, Scarlett as a mill owner). And also like Scarlett, Mitchell married an ext than once, and those marriages were no all happy (Mitchell"s an initial husband was an alcoholic).

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But in some ways, Mitchell is less like Scarlett than she is prefer Ashley Wilkes. Scarlett, after all, no to read, and also knows just around nothing around current occasions or literature. It"s Ashley who is cultured; Ashley who cares around writing and also art; Ashley who, like Mitchell, is educated and also thoughtful.

There are many scenes in the novel whereby Ashley make the efforts to explain philosophy or background or what is keep going in the southern to Scarlett, and also she always furrows she brow and also just gets more confused (see 31.88-93, because that example). In this scenes, Ashley becomes the voice that Margaret Mitchell, trying to describe the themes that the novel to the main character, that is hopelessly in ~ sea.

So walk that mean that Mitchell likes Ashley more than Scarlett? Well, no, no really. It"s true the the novel often condemns Scarlett for the very traits the seem come come from Mitchell—her drive, her stick-to-itiveness, she supposedly unwomanly ambitious (you don"t write a best-selling novel the means Mitchell did without having actually a ton of ambition).

But the novel also condemns Ashley—and again for the very traits which it seems ~ to link him come his author. Gerald early calls Ashley "queer" (2.104) because he"s interested in art and poetry and also culture, and also that"s not just a description, but a blame to of unmanliness. Ashley is frequently referred to as a dreamer—and due to the fact that he"s a dreamer he"s "as helpless together a tortoise on his back" (40.102). Not precisely a vote of confidence because that dreams.

Ashley is useless—and he"s useless precisely since he"s the one human in the novel who can have created the novel. When Ashley says, "I execute not recognize what the future will certainly bring, but it cannot be together beautiful or as satisfying together the past" (11.16), his vision the a beautiful Confederate past, and his eagerness come dwell there, is likewise Mitchell"s vision and eagerness. She"s written a whole publication to create the vision of a beautiful, to solve past. Yet whereas Mitchell"s vision lugged her fame and fortune, Ashley"s renders him proper fit come live.

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Which just goes to show, if you have actually a choice, it"s better to be a writer than a character. Together for whether it"s much better to be Ashley or Rhett, well, we"ll leave that one as much as you.