Target archery is the technique of shooting at stationary circular targets collection at details distances.

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Archers shoot over distances of up to 90 metres, although the standard competition distances are 70 metres (for recurve) and 50 metres (for compound), commonly at the recognisable five-colour target, consisting of 10 scoring zones and gold, red, blue, black and white rings.

It is the many well-known type of modern-day archery and also the one offered at the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, and, because that the compound competitions, at the human being Games and also many major international events.

World Archery organises an outdoor target archery world championships, i m sorry is referred to as the human being Archery Championships, every two years. It is taken into consideration the sport’s pinnacle event, and also each winner is described as the civilization Archery Champion. The occasion was very first held in 1931.

Target archery is additionally the technique used for the Hyundai Archery human being Cup and World Archery Youth Championships. Variations on the discipline are offered for indoor archery and para archery.

The world rankings are calculate on outcomes from target archery events.



International target archery competitions feature archers making use of recurve and also compound bows.

Archers in both competition categories shoot in ~ the traditional five-colour target challenge with 10 concentric scoring rings. The target scores 10 points for the inner ring and also one allude for the outer ring. The yellow ring score 10 and nine points, red ring score eight and seven points, blue ring score six and five points, black color rings score four and also three points, and also the white ring score two points and one point. Missing the target scores zero points.

Recurve archers shoot over a distance of 70 metres at a target challenge measuring 122 centimetres in diameter, with a 10-ring measuring 12.2 centimetres in diameter.

Compound archers shoot end a street of 50 metres at a target face measuring 80 centimetres in diameter, with a 10-ring measure up 8 centimetres in diameter. The outer 4 rings of the target confront are typically removed, leaving just the yellow, red and blue rings.

There are also international rules because that archers making use of barebows.

Barebow archers shoot over a distance of 50 meters at a target challenge measuring 122 centimetres in diameter, v a 10-ring measuring 12.2 centimetres in diameter.



Competition format

International target archery competitions consists individual, mixed team and team events.

A mixed team consists of 2 archers, one man and also one woman, shooting in the same category (with the exact same bow). A team consists of 3 archers that the same gender shooting in the same group (with the exact same bow).

There space two distinctive phases to a competition.

The qualification phase is composed of every archer shooting 72 arrows. Archers room ranked by their full score because that the separation, personal, instance event. This rankings provide the seeds for the brackets. The maximum variety of archers that can breakthrough is usually reduced at 104.

Seeds because that the combined team event are chose by ranking the highest possible scoring man and woman native one country. Seeds for the team event are made decision by ranking the greatest scoring three archers the the same sex from one country. The number of mixed teams or groups that can breakthrough is usually cut at 24.

The matchplay phase is composed of archers, blended teams and also teams advancing through head-to-head brackets, one for each category, in i beg your pardon the winner of every match advances and the loser is eliminated until a champion is crowned. Recurve matches are decided using the set system, while compound matches are determined on cumulative score.

Match formats

Recurve matches are decided using the set system, i m sorry rewards archers who shoot the points forced to beat their adversary at the an important moments in the match.

The score of a collection system match is to accrue a certain number of set points. The target number of set point out is 6 in an separation, personal, instance match and also five in a mixed team or team match. A set consists of a defined variety of arrows, i m sorry is three for an separation, personal, instance match, four for a combined team match and six for a team match. An archer or team earns two collection points for winning a set and one collection point if the set is drawn.

If one individual match is tied on five collection points after 5 sets, or a combined team or team match is tied on four collection points after four sets, climate the enhance is sent out to a tiebreak.

Compound matches are determined using cumulative score, i m sorry rewards can be fried precision and consistency under extreme pressure.

The goal of a accumulation score enhance is to finish the enhance with the highest total score. A match consists that a defined number of arrows, i beg your pardon is 15 for an individual match, 16 because that a blended team match and 24 for a team match. (The arrows are split equally in between archers in mixed team and also team matches.)

If a enhance is bound on full score ~ the regulation variety of arrows, the match is then sent to a tiebreak.

Barebow matches are decided using the set system.

Tiebreak formats

The tiebreak measures for all competition categories are the same.

In one individual match, every archer shooting one arrow. The archer whose arrow lands closest come the centre of the target wins the match.

(If the referee cannot decision whose arrowhead is closest, they may speak to for one more shoot-off.)

In a mixed team or team match, every archer shoot one arrow. The mixed team or team with the highest total score wins the match.

If the blended teams or teams space tied top top score, then the blended team or team whose arrow landed closest come the centre of the target wins the match. If those arrows are an similar distance native the centre, then the following arrows are contrasted (and again because that teams).

(If the referee cannot differentiate between the blended teams or teams after ~ the last arrow, they may call for one more shoot-off.)


History and also other formats

World Archery was started in 1931 to control target archery through the goal of earning a permanent place on the programme that the Olympic Games. This was completed in 1972; however, the rules of the discipline have evolved considerably because then.

Until the 1980s, global competition revolved approximately the style we now recognize as qualification, or archers shoot a defined number of arrows at collection distances and target faces, climate ranked on complete score. Matchplay was introduced in the 1990s, revolutionising archery as a spectator sport, and also refined in the 2010s v the introduction of the collection system for recurve. 

Several alternative competition styles are had in the World Archery Rulebook, and also there are plenty of local variations.

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The 1440 Round, which consists of archers shooting 36 arrows at four distances (90, 70, 50 and also 30 metres because that men; 70, 60, 50 and 30 metres because that women), stays a renowned format approximately the world.