“That way I have the right to smash him right into a pulp as often as I want he"ll just keep coming earlier for more. I choose this idea. ”–Ares, commenting top top Percy"s market of immortalityAres (Ἄρης in ancient Greek) is the Greek god that war. Offered the name Mars by the Romans who furthermore associated him with agriculture; his symbols incorporate the boar, dog, wolf, spear, sword, and vulture. Ray Winstone was cast as Ares in The Lightning Thief, yet he was never actually shown.HistoryAres is just one of the few children the the Olympian rulers Zeus and Hera. He emerged a love the violence that surpassed that of any type of other Olympian, i m sorry made that perfect together the Olympian god of war. It additionally made the unpopular amongst his fellow divine beings who despised him because that his overt love of war regardless of reason to fight. Regardless of this he was offered a place on the Olympian ruling council possibly because of his parentage.Aphrodite, his loverAs the god that War, Ares would frequently participate in mortal conflicts, yet would often fare poorly in magnificent contests. He would lend strength to whatever side the favored, but was known to be somewhat fickle and adjust sides in the middle of a battle. The blessing that Ares is well-known to give invincibillity in battle. Despite his an excellent strength and fighting capability Ares regularly fared poorly in battles with other supernatural enemies. His half-brother Heracles is listed to have stalemated if no outright beat him in battle twice. At one suggest he stripped Ares of his armor and also another time defeated Ares and one that his youngsters with the assist of Athena. The Alodai giants beat Ares and imprisoned him within a jar. During the Trojan battle he sided through the Trojans regardless of promising Hera he would aid the Greeks. Because that his actions he was wounded by the mortal hero Diomedes v the assist of Athena. ~ Zeus allowed the Olympians to participate openly in the war he challenged Athena, just to again it is in defeated and forced to flee. Apollo additionally defeated him in a boxing complement at one point. He additionally fled in are afraid of the giant Typhon once the monster an initial attacked Olympus, though the remainder of the god did as well. Also though he to be the god of war, some say he disturbed the gods v his pitiful tears when he lost.Despite these setbacks Ares dealt with in the Gigantomachy and also defended Olympus successfully against several various other enemies.Percy Jackson and the OlympiansThe Lightning ThiefDuring the Winter solstice, Luke Castellan stole the understand Bolt and also the Helm the Darkness. Ares captured him, but Luke persuaded him right into carrying the end Kronos" plan. Ares lets Luke go and kept the helm and the bolt till Percy come along to complete the delivery. ~ above June 14, 7 days before the summer solstice deadline, Ares approached Percy Jackson, Grover Underwood, and also Annabeth chase on his motorcycle together they were trying to get dinner. The "generously" paid because that their enjoy the meal (frightening plenty of of the customers and also staff in the process) and then gained the companions come retrieve his shield (in the type of a bulletproof vest) indigenous the Tunnel that Love drive in an exit Waterland. In return the told them to run in one animal-smuggler"s van to acquire to Los Angeles.At this allude he also gave Percy a backpack v $20, a bag of golden drachmas, fresh garments for the 3 of them, and a box of Double-Stuffed Oreos. However, this backpack was in reality the modification sheath because that the understand lightning bolt, enchanted by Ares to have the master Bolt show up in it once Percy obtained close come Hades. ~ Percy, Grover, and also Annabeth escaped indigenous the Underworld by utilizing the pearls given to Percy by the Nereid, Ares was waiting to death them in ~ the beach.Ares revealed the reasoning behind his plan; Poseidon would declare battle on Hades for killing Percy, Zeus would certainly declare battle on Hades for having the master Bolt, and also Hades would strike both of them, together he thinks among them has his Helm that Darkness. He climate remarks that a war in between his relatives is the ideal kind that war, as soon as Annabeth protests "But they"re her family!" He climate accidentally revealed that Kronos was managing him through his dreams.He make the efforts to death Percy with a giant boar, yet Percy sliced off one of its tusks v Riptide and engulfed it through a wave, killing it instantly. The then tested Ares to a duel - if Ares won, the would turn Percy into anything he wanted, and get the understand Bolt; if Percy won, then he acquired both the bolt and also the helm and Ares had to leave. At some point Percy winner the duel once he stabbed Ares in the heel; Ares tried to assault Percy again in a fit of rage, yet Kronos prevented him. Before Ares departed, he warned Percy that he make a disastrous mistake by do the God of battle his enemy. He then curses Percy that his weapon would fail him when he required it most, prior to leaving.The Sea that MonstersAres does not appear much in the Sea that Monsters. He is just seen talk to his daughter Clarisse La Rue on the ironclad CSS Birmingham. The orders his daughter not to fail the pursuit (and endangers her to do her perform it), and also get Percy Jackson and his friends the end of the way. For this reason, Clarisse refuses come let Percy, Annabeth, and Tyson go, however they every escape once the ironclad explodes.The Titan"s CurseHe is seen first at the Junkyard the the Gods, pass a white limousine with the goddess Aphrodite inside. He is last checked out in the Winter solstice where he voted "Yes" ~ above the devastation of Percy Jackson, together with Dionysus and also Athena. In addition, the curse he provided to Percy in the very first book (that, in ~ a an essential time, his sword would certainly fail him) comes ago to haunt, when Percy fights Atlas, his knife becomes too heavy to lift.The last OlympianAres is only seen attack Typhon through a knife if riding his motorcycle, and to congratulate his daughter Clarisse La Rue on beating the drakon and called her "the biggest warrior ns have ever before seen." He later on voted for Percy coming to be immortal, muttering "I like this idea, climate I get to smash him come the pulp and also he"ll save coming ago for more," as soon as the gods provide Percy Jackson the opportunity of becoming a god.The Heroes of OlympusThe kid of NeptuneHe appears as Mars at Camp Jupiter proclaiming the there is a quest that should be taken. Percy is rude to him and notes that he believes that they have actually fought. Mars then describes that if he had battled him that was probably in his Greek kind because he has no memory of fighting him. The then insurance claims Frank Zhang together his child and also gives that a spear. He shows up "dressed in Canadian pressures desert camouflage. The radiated confidence and also power. His black color hair was cut in a flat-topped wedge favor Frank"s. His challenge was angular and brutal, marked with old knife scars. His eyes were spanned with infrared goggles the glowed native inside. That wore a energy belt v a sidearm, a knife holster, and several grenades. In his hands was an oversized M16 rifle."He later shows up to Frank in ~ the Zhang home in Canada end Grandma Zhang"s sick body. The speaks through Frank and tells the of the family members gift, the truth that frank is a tradition of Neptune, and that Percy has a hard choice to make, and also that the will need Frank.PersonalityAres is aloof, cruel, proud, rebellious, and violent; an quickly angered bully who appears to treatment only about fighting. Stack Riordan stated that "He could pick a fight in an empty room." because of this, he is disliked among gods and also mortals. Even when Ares was brainwashed into beginning a fight amongst his family, that still believed it to be amusing. Ares is a qualified strategist yet his temper provides him tend to focus on strength and also his arrogance leads him come underestimate his opponents, permitting clever battle aircraft to obtain the better of him. He no being called a coward and is ready to pick fights with world for no evident reason.Ares believes any kind of problem have the right to solved through fighting and encourages rebellion and violence above everything. Despite his personality, the does have a soft spot because that his youngsters even if he have the right to be a strict parent as presented with Clarisse.AppearanceAres typically wears black jeans, combat boots, a animal leather duster, and also muscle shirt v a bulletproof vest (his shield in disguise) and also an steel padlock necklace. That wears red tinted wraparound sunglasses come cover his flame-filled eye sockets. He is described as handsome with scarred cheeks and tall through an oil crew cut. The rides a large, black Harley Davidson chopper motorcycle through a flame pattern paint job, a animal leather seat made from person skin, through shotgun holsters riveted come the motorcycles sides. This motorcycle is in reality his battle chariot in a modern version of itself. He likewise has a searching knife strapped come his thigh and an aluminum baseball bat (actually his knife in a modernized form) that have the right to turn into various weapons, including a 2 handed broadsword and also a shotgun.MarsFrank Zhang, a kid of Mars Ares can adjust into his Roman equivalent of Mars. Together Mars, he becomes an ext disciplined and also even much more militaristic and also warlike i beg your pardon is presented by his focus on martial victory quite than thin conflict. He has actually children and may also have descendants at Camp Jupiter close to San Francisco. The Greeks envisioned Ares together a brutal and also fearsome being while the Romans taken into consideration Mars Ultor, definition "Mars the Avenger", to it is in the greatest of the gods after Jupiter. He likewise has various other Roman depictions, such as Mars Gradivus, Mars Quirinus, Mars Grabovius, Mars Pater, Mars Silvanus, and also Mars Augustus.AbilitiesHe has the traditional powers that a god with personal abilities together as:Odikinesis: capacity to regulate the emotions the Hatred and also Rage.Pyrokinesis: Ares is shown to have some regulate over fire, specifically whenever he provides his appearances. It is unknown at what degree he can control fire.Telumkinesis: capability to regulate weapons.Warfare ExpertiseBoar PhysiologyLimited necromancyVast physics endurance and also strengthNear InvulnerabilityMagical Items:Ares" SwordIn the Lightning thief Ares originally disguises it as a hunting knife once he an initial meets Annabeth,Grover, and also Percy. He supplies it come clean his fingernails, threatening the waiter to take it the gold drachma. He likewise cloaks it as an aluminum baseball bat shortly prior to dueling against Percy. In addition, it"s viewed by mortals with the mist as a shotgun.Although the sword deserve to morph into whatever weapon Ares wants, that is true form is that of a long sword through a skull-shaped pommel and also a ruby embedded in the mouth.Ares" ShieldWhile ~ above a day with Aphrodite in ~ an amusement park called Waterland, Ares left his shield in the Thrill journey O" Love once he found the ride to be a catch made byHephaestus. Ares approached 2 demigods and a satyr in the area, Percy, Annabeth, and also Grover, and also asked them to acquire it for me in exchange because that a ride west. As soon as asked why the didn"t just get it himself, Ares answered that he didn"t have actually time and was giving them a possibility to prove themselves.When the 3 arrive in ~ Waterland, Percy and Annabeth head right into the Thrill drive O" Love to discover the shield. They discovered the shield in the seat of a boat next to a silk scarf. However when the shield to be picked up, Hephaestus" trap activated, bring about the room to fill withmetal spiders, which freaked the end Annabeth. Percy to fill the room v water and also the 2 rode a watercraft out the the tunnel through the shield, practically smashing against the departure gate in the process.Once they return to Ares, Percy confronts Ares around knowing the ride to be a trap, yet returns the shield. Ares likewise made an excellent on his promise and gave the 3 a ride west on a truck because that Kindness International. After acquisition the shield back, that changed type into a bulletproof vest the Ares slung across his back.Ares’ war ChariotAres provides a changeable battle chariot together his preferred mode the transportation. The is usually propelled by Ares self or by his charioteers, Deimos and Phobos. As a tradition, his sons room to drive it once they turn fifteen though a daughter(Clarisse) is allowed if she is deemed worthy.Ares rides on it in the type of a motorcycle when he approached Percy, Annabethand Grover with his "request" to retrieve his shield native a tunnel the love ride in ~ Waterland. He"s additionally seen sitting on it together he waits because that them at the beach when they to escape the Underworld.Ares" daughter Clarisse is provided the check of steering it approximately for a day, an honor normally reserved because that Ares" sons. When she was driving the around, that is steal byPhobos and also Deimos. With the unexpected help of Percy, Clarisse recovers it and also returns it to Ares" temple on the Intrepid (which is a fight cruiser) before sundownIt is red and gold and also has pictures of people dying painful death adorning it. It is pulled by four fire-breathing equines with manes the fire and black in color. Percy do the efforts to talk to them however they say things so negative he does not repeat. Choose Apollo"s sunlight Chariot it can become various vehicles, a car, a motorcycle, a tank, etc.BlessingThe Blessing the Ares gives the human being blessed near invulnerability. He gives his blessing to world who present pure courage (or bloodlust) in the battlefield. The blessed his daughter Clarisse in The last Olympian, and also she was made almost invincible, charging v the battlefield, ruining anything in she path.RelationshipsAres has been Aphrodite"s boyfriend for millennia. Aphrodite"s husband Hephaestus once recorded them with each other in a golden net that his very own design, and also invited the gods to come and also laugh at their affair. Hephaestus appears to enjoy inventing new ways come humiliate the two, so Ares and also Aphrodite pick the areas for their dates really carefully. Aphrodite likewise loves Ares more than Hephaestus and has had many kids by him.ChildrenImmortal kids Partner : ChildrenAphrodite : Anteros, Adrestia, Deimos, Eros, Harmonia, PhobosEnyo : EnyaliusErytheia : EurytionTisiphone : Theban DrakonMortal ChildrenPartner : ChildrenUnknown : MarkUnknown : ShermanUnknown : OtreraUnknown : Edward Teach (Blackbeard)Otrera : Antiope, Hippolyta, Melanippe, PenthesileaMs. La Rue : Clarisse La RueRhea Silvia : Remus and also Romulus (as Mars)Emily Zhang : candid Zhang (as Mars)Unknown : TereusFilmThe Lightning ThiefAres is play by ray Winstone, though he is no cred. He is checked out briefly at the end of the film, when the gods are arguing. The is viewed on the left next of the display screen with silver battle armor, and, although it is a much camera shoot of him, that is shown to have actually grey hair.

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As soon as the gods are all sit in your chairs, the is displayed sitting crookedly (one leg is ~ above the arm of the chair) in between Demeter and Athena.TriviaMars, the 4th planet indigenous the sun, is called after Ares" roman counterpart.Ares states in The Lightning Thief that he considers the U.S "the ideal thing due to the fact that Sparta" as ordinary citizens are allowed weapons and the constitution allows an ext freedom when it concerns punishment by law.Ares provides sunglasses to cover his eyes, which are actually hollow sockets filled v flames.Ares" aluminum baseball bat is in reality his sword/spear in disguise.Ares" preferred form for his chariot is a motorcycle which offer the same purpose as an old war chariot did.In The Demigod papers it states his residence town is mount Olympus yet under his bumper sticker reads: "I wasn"t born in Sparta however I acquired here as rapid as i could."According to rick Riordan, Ares" best quote is "Kill it dead."In myth, Ares is depicted as a military general or skilled warrior but in America, he took on a 1950"s rebellious "Greaser" persona.Ares, in term of rocketry, are three Shuttle-derived beginning of vehicles under breakthrough under NASA program, which are named after him.His Latin name Mars, provided us words "Martial".In Latin he is sometimes dubbed Mars Ultor - Mars the Avenger. He has a temple on holy place Hill in Camp Jupiter.The fight of the Labyrinth is the only publication in the Percy Jackson & the Olympians collection that Ares go not show up in.