We’ve looked at rather a few of the silly, strange, or downright absurd regulations that room on the books in the US. Few of them have understandable reasoning behind them yet are no longer applicable. Part are quite off-the-wall and also it is difficult to figure out why together a regulation was passed.

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After acquisition a break from writing around silly laws, I’m ago at it. This time, we’ll emphasis on regulations in Washington state that tend to make a rational person shake your head in wonder.

* Lollipops space banned in Washington state. Having actually not specifically looked for lollipops once visiting the state, I’m unsure exactly how strictly applied this is or what the fine would certainly be for violation.

* In Washington state, x-rays can’t be supplied for fitting shoes. I wonder if this to be a wide-spread practice that required a law to change? I’m thinking, ‘Good happy on detect a shoe keep with one x-ray machine, anywhere.’

* This one ‘sort of’ provides sense. The is illegal because that a human being with a cold to walk around in public. I’d say the this one can be battled in court. It normally takes longer than a week come 10 days for a court hearing and also by then, the cold would certainly be over and gone.

* it is against the legislation in Washington state to rest a party of beer belong to someone else. Buy your own if you have actually a thing around breaking bottles of beer.

* below is a headscratcher: By legislation in Washington state, if 2 trains involved a crossing, no of them can breakthrough until the other one has passed. A person might get a headache trying to figure that one out.

* that is illegal in Washington state to buy a mattress or meat ~ above Sunday. In Spokane, Washington, you additionally can’t purchase a TV top top Sunday.

* top top Waldron Island, Washington, it is illegal for any type of house or building to have much more than two toilets.

* This one quite reminds me of some gun control laws: over there is a legislation in Washington state that makes it completely mandatory for any motorist who intends to break the law to stop external of city limits and also phone the chief of police to let him understand that they are entering the town. From what i understand, this law hasn’t reduced the crime price at all. I wonder why?

* In Washington state, follow to law, all motor vehicles should be preceded by a guy 50 feet ahead carrying a red lantern at night and a red flag during the day. This is clearly outdated, yet it is still on the books.

* A legislation in Skamania County, Washington state says, “The harassing that Bigfoot, Sasquatch or various other undiscovered subspecies is a felony punishable by a good and/or imprisonment.” This is the abbreviated variation of the law, but it sounds like they must have actually had problems at some point with world harassing Sasquatch, evaluate from the law.

* In Spokane, Washington, that is illegal to prevent on a sidewalk offered by pedestrians and to kneel to tie your shoelaces.

* In Seattle, Washington, that is legal to set a home on fire, yet only if you obtain the owner’s permission prior to you set the fire.

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Believe that or not, this isn’t all the silly laws in Washington state. This is only a dozen of them. There room more!

Thank kindness we have actually such logical and also realistic world writing laws in Washington state. Yes, I’m being a tiny sarcastic.