Released ~ above Dido’s 1999 debut studio album, No Angel, “Thank You” made its very first appearance in 1998, on the soundtrack of sliding Doors, although the was no released as a… review More 

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My tea's gone cold, I'm wondering whyI obtained out the bed in ~ allThe morning rain clouds up my windowAnd ns can't watch at allAnd even if i could, it'd all be greyBut your snapshot on my wallIt reminds me that it's not so badIt's no so badI drank too lot last night, acquired bills to payMy head simply feels in painI missed the bus and also there'll be hell todayI'm so late for job-related againAnd also if I'm there, they'll every implyThat I could not last the dayAnd then you contact meAnd it's not so bad, it's no so badAnd I desire to say thanks to youFor offering me the best day of my lifeOh, just to be with youIs having actually the ideal day of mine life

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Push the door, I'm residence at lastAnd I'm soaking through and throughThen you handed me a towelAnd every I check out is youAnd also if my house falls down nowI wouldn't have a clueBecause you're close to meAnd I desire to give thanks to youFor providing me the finest day of my lifeOh, just to be through youIs having actually the best day of my lifeAnd I want to thank youFor giving me the ideal day of mine lifeOh, simply to be v youIs having actually the best day of my life
Released ~ above Dido’s 1999 debut studio album, No Angel, “Thank You” made its very first appearance in 1998, top top the soundtrack of Sliding Doors, although it was not released as a single until so late 2000. The track peaked in ~ #3 in the US and also reached top 40 in the UK in 2001.

The song samples the “Theme from the Planets” drum break. Its first verse is notably used together the chorus in the track “Stan” by Eminem. This offered “Thank You” a ratings boost and famously provided an different interpretation. Airheadz additionally featured this tune on their trance hit song “Stanley right here I Am”.

While the majority of the public concludes the the song’s text come indigenous a spiritual perspective, many others believe Dido is introduce to the love of her life. One of two people way, the song is about hope and her appreciative perspective towards life, and was created the work after she met her (now ex-)husband Bob Page.