Starting beforehand today plenty of Verizon customers discovered they might not do calls out, rather hearing the All Circuits room Busy error message as soon as they attempted to do calls.

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The All Circuits room Busy error appeared as Verizon switched over to a brand-new unlimited data plan and also made other behind the scenes alters that show up to influence users who are not utilizing HD Voice.

Update: Verizon called Gotta it is in Mobile that the difficulty happened due to “a software program update thrust down overnight in ours Midwestern states,” i m sorry Verizon has due to the fact that fixed. A public relations manager speak Gotta be Mobile the “It led to a small variety of people top top 1x (not HD or VoLTE calling) to experience a “circuits are busy message.” Verizon reports that the worry was fixed about 10 to be eastern.

Verizon customers report the error throughout the U.S. And reports space coming in indigenous a range of states, so this shows up to it is in a nationwide issue. We experienced a spike in reports this morning about 9 am Eastern and the concerns continue at 10 AM eastern for some customers.

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How to fix the Verizon all Circuits are Busy Error avoiding you indigenous making calls. Ken Wolter /

The Verizon every circuits are busy error go not show up to influence older no smartphones or human being using HD Voice. Customers can still get calls, simply not do them if they room effected by this issue.

You have the right to make a FaceTime Audio call or use another app prefer Hangouts to dial a number, or you can turn on HD Voice. Here’s just how to revolve on HD Voice on your iPhone or ~ above Android. This is other you deserve to do ~ above your own right from her phone or native the mine Verizon app.

VerizonSupport I simply started receiving the "all circuits space busy" message. What's walk on?

— garrett zanotti (
zanotti_garrett) respectable 23, 2017

Hey Verizon, why can't i make outgoing calls? I just keep getting an "all circuits room busy" message.

— Morgan Mitchell (
M0rgan_Mitchell) respectable 23, 2017

verizon Seriously?!? "All circuits space busy" as soon as I should make a call??? No what I intend from the priciest cell carrier!! #verizonfail

— Steve Reynolds™ (
VerizonSupport getting "all circuits are busy now" message for past hour in main Ohio.

— Johnny 99 (
tomjoad2017) august 23, 2017

This story is developing and we will include to it as we learn around the standing of this and other Verizon problems.

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