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Prince Escalus. Rebellious subjects, opponents to peace,Profaners the this neighbour-stained steel,—Will they no hear? What, ho! friend men, girlfriend beasts,That quench the fire of her pernicious rageWith violet fountains issuing from her veins,On ache of torture, native those bloody handsThrow your mistemper"d tools to the ground,And hear the sentence of your relocated prince.Three civil brawls, bred of an airy word,By thee, old Capulet, and also Montague,Have thrice disturb"d the quiet of our streets,And make Verona"s ancient citizensCast by your grave beseeming ornaments,To wield old partisans, in hands as old,Canker"d v peace, to component your canker"d hate:If ever before you harass our streets again,Your resides shall pay the forfeit the the peace.For this time, every the remainder depart away:You Capulet; shall go together with me:And, Montague, come friend this afternoon,To know our more pleasure in this case,To old Free-town, our common judgment-place.Once more, on ache of death, all males depart.



First Citizen. Up, sir, go with me;I fee thee in the princes name, obey.Wives, and others>

Prince Escalus. Where room the vile beginner of this fray?



Lady Capulet. Tybalt, my cousin! O my brother"s child!O prince! O cousin! husband! O, the blood is spiltO my dear kinsman! Prince, as thou art true,For blood the ours, burned blood the Montague.O cousin, cousin!

Prince Escalus. Benvolio, who started this bloody fray?



Lady Capulet. that is a kinsman come the Montague;Affection provides him false; he speaks no true:Some twenty that them battled in this black strife,And every those twenty could yet kill one life.I beg because that justice, which thou, prince, must give;Romeo slew Tybalt, Romeo need to not live.

Prince Escalus. Romeo slew him, the slew Mercutio;Who now the price the his to ~ blood doth owe?



Montague. not Romeo, prince, he was Mercutio"s friend;His error concludes yet what the law should end,The life the Tybalt.

Prince Escalus. and also for the offenceImmediately we do exile the hence:I have actually an interest in her hate"s proceeding,My blood for your rude brawls doth lie a-bleeding;But I"ll amerce you with so strong a fineThat friend shall all repent the loss of mine:I will be deaf come pleading and excuses;Nor tears nor prayers shall acquisition out abuses:Therefore usage none: permit Romeo for this reason in haste,Else, as soon as he"s found, the hour is his last.Bear thus this body and attend our will:Mercy yet murders, pardoning those the kill.



(stage directions).

Prince Escalus. What misadventure is so early on up,That phone call our human being from our morning"s rest?



Lady Capulet. The civilization in the street cry Romeo,Some Juliet, and also some Paris; and all run,With open outcry towards our monument.

Prince Escalus. What are afraid is this i m sorry startles in ours ears?



First Watchman. Sovereign, here lies the ar Paris slain;And Romeo dead; and also Juliet, dead before,Warm and new kill"d.

Prince Escalus. Search, seek, and also know how this foul killing comes.



(stage directions).

Prince Escalus. Come, Montague; for thou art at an early stage up,To check out thy son and heir an ext early down.



Montague. Alas, mine liege, my mam is dead to-night;Grief of my son"s exile hath stopp"d her breath:What more woe conspires versus mine age?

Prince Escalus. Look, and thou shalt see.



Montague. O thou untaught! what manners is in this?To press prior to thy father to a grave?

Prince Escalus. Seal increase the mouth of outrage because that a while,Till we deserve to clear this ambiguities,And know their spring, your head, theirtrue descent;And then will certainly I be basic of her woes,And lead you even to death: during forbear,And allow mischance be slave to patience.Bring forth the parties of suspicion.



Friar Laurence. ns am the greatest, able to carry out least,Yet most suspected, as the time and also placeDoth make against me of this direful murder;And below I stand, both to impeach and purgeMyself condemned and also myself excused.

Prince Escalus. climate say at once what you dost know in this.



Friar Laurence. I will be brief, for my brief date the breathIs not so lengthy as is a tedious tale.Romeo, there dead, to be husband to that Juliet;And she, there dead, the Romeo"s faithful wife:I married them; and also their stol"n marriage-dayWas Tybalt"s dooms-day, who untimely deathBanish"d the new-made bridegroom from the city,For whom, and also not because that Tybalt, Juliet pined.You, to remove that siege the grief from her,Betroth"d and also would have married she perforceTo county Paris: then comes she come me,And, with wild looks, bid me devise part meanTo rid her from this second marriage,Or in my cabinet there would she kill herself.Then provided I her, so tutor"d by my art,A resting potion; i m sorry so take it effectAs i intended, because that it wrought on herThe type of death: meantime i writ to Romeo,That he need to hither come together this dire night,To aid to take her from she borrow"d grave,Being the time the potion"s force should cease.But that which bore my letter, Friar John,Was stay"d by accident, and yesternightReturn"d mine letter back. Then all aloneAt the prefix hour of she waking,Came ns to take she from her kindred"s vault;Meaning to store her closely at mine cell,Till i conveniently can send to Romeo:But once I came, part minute ere the timeOf her awaking, here untimely layThe noble Paris and also true Romeo dead.She wakes; and also I entreated she come forth,And be afflicted with this job-related of heaven through patience:But then a noise did scare me from the tomb;And she, as well desperate, would not go with me,But, together it seems, walk violence top top herself.All this i know; and to the marriageHer nurse is privy: and, if aught in thisMiscarried by mine fault, let mine old lifeBe sacrificed, part hour prior to his time,Unto the rigour the severest law.

Prince Escalus. us still have known thee for a divine man.Where"s Romeo"s man? what can he to speak in this?



Balthasar. I carried my master news that Juliet"s death;And then in article he come from MantuaTo this very same place, to this exact same monument.This letter he early on bid me give his father,And threatened me through death, walk in the vault,I departed not and also left him there.

Prince Escalus. give me the letter; I will certainly look top top it.Where is the county"s page, that elevated the watch?Sirrah, what make your understand in this place?



Page. the came v flowers to strew his lady"s grave;And bid me was standing aloof, and so i did:Anon comes one through light to ope the tomb;And by and also by mine master attracted on him;And then i ran far to contact the watch.

Prince Escalus. This letter doth make great the friar"s words,Their food of love, the tidings of she death:And here he writes that he walk buy a poisonOf a negative "pothecary, and therewithalCame to this vault to die, and lie through Juliet.Where be this enemies? Capulet! Montague!See, what a scourge is to adjust upon your hate,That sky finds way to kill your joys with love.And i for winking at her discords tooHave lost a brace that kinsmen: all are punish"d.



Capulet. As affluent shall Romeo"s by his lady"s lie;Poor sacrifices of our enmity!

Prince Escalus.

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A glooming tranquility this morning v it brings;The sun, because that sorrow, will not display his head:Go hence, come have much more talk of these sad things;Some shall it is in pardon"d, and some punished:For never ever was a story of an ext woeThan this that Juliet and her Romeo.