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Upcoming Assignments

No upcoming assignments.

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Past Assignments
HW: finish these two "brain teaser" problems. Present all her attempts and also all work-related you did to solve them.
1. You have 15 coins in her pocket. Some space dimes and some room quarters. If the value of the coins is $2.25, how numerous dimes and how many quarters perform you have?

2. A farmer has actually 20 animals. Some space cows and the remainder are chickens. The farmer counted 66 legs. How plenty of cows and also how many chickens does the have?

On web page 34, compose a story difficulty describing your savings plan. Then complete the table, graph and equation for her story.
1. Obtain test signed by parent2. Carry out 3-column test corrections3. "Saving because that a scooter" packet, pages 29-33

Read, study and also do example difficulties from newspaper pages 47-54.

Study practice test.

Chapter 4 test 11/5

Worksheet with Pizzazz web page 156Putting equations right into y=mx+b formfind the steep (m) and also the y-intercept (b)
Textbookpage 207 #7-8page 208 #29-32putting equations right into y=mx+b kind and graphing utilizing the slope and also y-intercept.Use graph paper
Worksheet through PizzazzPages 154/155Slope-intercept formula:p 154 = composing an equation from a graphp 155 = graphing a line from an equation
correction on exercise testBook pages 178 #15-17, and also page 179 #23-26Study newspaper pages 30-39TEST TOMORROW
Worksheet (Pizzazz pages 150-151)Make a table of solutions to discover the x and y intercepts.Graph ~ above the back.
end up worksheet indigenous yesterday. Do a table and also find three remedies (points) because that each equation, then graph it.
Worksheet(Algebra v Pizzazz)pages 233/147completing a table of solutions and also graphing linear functions
Textbook pages 152-153#1-6 and also #15-26If not a function, describe WHYALSOJournals early Friday for gradingpages 19-35: ___/17 points
Worksheet (Algebra v Pizzazz) ns 146-147Show job-related on different paperComplete the tables, graph the results, resolve the puzzle
1. Exercise Test - Do entire test again2. Journal: Re-do every journal problems pages 19-29CHAPTER 2 test FRIDAY!
2- step Word problem Worksheet1. Underline the question2. Specify a variable3. Create an equation4. Solve
Worksheet "Algebra through Pizzazz" web page 41 (equations v variables ~ above both sides)Show work-related on different paper
Worksheet pages 35-36 (Equations - Algebra with Pizzaz)Show work on a separate sheet of document and fill in the answer at the bottom of every page.

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Worksheet: Word problems (1-step equations).Show steps:1. Underline the ???2. Define a variable3. Create an equation4. Deal with the equation
great report: acquire parent signatureChapter 1 Test: perform 3-column check corrections and also have parent authorize test.