Who says "Alack, over there lies much more peril in thine eye than twenty of their swords. Look thou however sweet, and I am proof against their enmity" in Romeo and juliet?
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these words are spoken by Romeo come Juliet in the commemorated balcony step in act II, step 2. Juliet expresses concern around Romeo"s safety. She says:

If they carry out see thee, they will murder thee.

This is the precise true. Romeo can get by v crashing the Capulet party...

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These indigenous are talked by Romeo come Juliet in the celebrated balcony step in action II, scene 2. Juliet expresses concern around Romeo"s safety. She says:

If they perform see thee, they will murder thee.

This is the literally true. Romeo can get by with crashing the Capulet party and with flirting through the young Juliet ~ above the dance floor, however this intrusion right into the Capulet estate would outrage lord Capulet and also all the various other Capulets. That looks prefer a bold effort to seduce Juliet. But Romeo is lugged away by his love for this girl. That is no Cyrano de Bergerac, who deserve to take top top one hundreds swordsmen at a time. He is just a young male who is emboldened by his passion that the is willing to take it on twenty swordsmen if necessary. The responds come Juliet"s are afraid with the adhering to lines:

Alack, there lies more peril in thine eyeThan twenty of your swords! watch thou yet sweet,And ns am proof against their enmity.

What he means by "more peril" in Juliet"s eye is the he would take into consideration it a better danger to be rejected through her than to be attacked by twenty armed men.

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If Romeo were struck by twenty swordsmen he would be killed. That is a complement for Tybalt--but no for Tybalt and also nineteen others! His statement reflects his recklessness under the driving power of love. His recklessness is apparent throughout the play. He not only drops in love at very first sight however gets married immediately and also climbs a rope ladder to spend a night with Juliet in a family members where his life is in impending danger. Juliet, inflamed by Romeo"s transmittable passion, i do not care equally reckless and also abandoned. Both of them will die together a an outcome of their love.