Given the a one mol equipment of lithium chloride has 0.0900 mol of lithium chloride liquified in it. Which means that 0.910 mol that water has dissolved 0.0900 mol of Lithium chloride. Which suggests 0.910*18g of water has actually 0.0900mol LiCl.Molality is offered by mole of solute separated by kg that 1 kg of water has actually (0.0900*1000)/(0.910*18) mol the LiCl.or 5.4945 molal solution.So molality is 5.4945

The molality that LiCl solution is


Further Explanation:

The quantity of substance in any mixture is termed as its concentration. Few of the most commonly used concentration terms are as follows:

1. Molarity (M)

2. Molality (m)

3. Mole fraction (x)

4. Components per million (ppm)

5. Massive percent ((w/w) %)

6. Volume percent ((v/v) %)

The relation between the molality and the mole fraction of the equipment is together follows:

…… (1)


m is the molality of solution.

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is the mole portion of solvent.

is the mole portion of solute.

is the molar fixed of solvent.

The expression the relates the mole portion of solute and also solvent is,

…… (2)

Rearrange equation (2) to calculate .

…… (3)

Substitute 0.0900 because that in equation (3).


Substitute 0.0900 for , 0.91 because that and also 18 g/mol for in equation (1) to calculation the molality the LiCl solution.


Therefore molality of LiCl systems is 5.4945 m.

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