Most most likely the point of watch of the person picking the adjective.

"sectarian" is usually provided in a pejoretive or disapproving feeling eg "sectarian killings".

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"faith" is usually used positively. For this reason if you room favourable to colleges being operation by spiritual organisations you more than likely would speak to the "faith schools". Most "faith schools" in England accept some pupils/student from various other religions or none and their own. In north ireland, many schools room EITHER good news OR catholic and normally there is a strictly separation and also until recently there was substantial hostility between the two areas so I intend it might then additionally be proper to describe them together "sectarian". Yet I think it most likely that world in those schools would still speak to them "faith schools" rather than "sectarian".
I don"t think human being in UK would understand what you expected by "parochial schools" - definitely this term can not be offered interchangeably v "faith schools". This is perhaps as result of variations in custom and also usage about the English-speaking world. but it"s essential to recognise the negative connotations that generally go v "parochial" - local, inward-looking, narrow, not ideal in the more comprehensive world. Robbo

I don"t think people in UK would know what you expected by "parochial schools" - definitely this term cannot be used interchangeably with "faith schools".
This is perhaps due to variations in custom and usage approximately the English-speaking world. however it"s vital to recognise the an unfavorable connotations that generally go with "parochial" - local, inward-looking, narrow, not appropriate in the wider world.

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Yes, I believe it deserve to be used interchangeably with confidence schools and is much more common wherein I grew up. In high school hockey we had actually the public institution tournament and the parochial/private college tournament. The winners of every bracket would certainly play each other. I have never noticed that connotation through regard to schools. It is a really approriate indigenous at least in my component of the U.S.
Yes, yet I claimed " ... In the UK ..." and also emphasised that consumption would differ in various parts of the English-speaking world. Do you agree that "sectarian" invariably has an unfavorable connotations?
And i did not say that the word "parochial" itself was "inappropriate in the wider world". I claimed that words "parochial" has negative connotations such as "inappropriate in the wider world". This is separate from the use of "parochial" as "of the parish" or "of the church". Examples:He came from a an extremely parochial background and was unprepared for global dialogue and also diplomacy. The Cambridge advanced Learners dictionary has 3 entries: (a) parochial (of a church) (b) parochial (limited) (c) parochial school - this phrase is plainly identified together a united state English expression and is NOT provided in be as far as I have the right to tell. Robbo