The hatchet that explains the habits of a filter once each extr filter the you use is based upon the present filter, and which additional reduces the variety of records displayed.

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Advanced FilterA filter that have the right to specify 3 or an ext criteria for a certain column, apply complicated criteria to 2 or an ext columns, or specify computed criteria.
And to compare OperatorThe comparison opertaor that needs each and every one of the to compare criteria to be true.
Arrange AllThe command the tiles all open program windows on the screen.
AscendingThe hatchet that refers to the arrangement of text that is sorted alphabetically from A come Z, number sorted from shortest to highest, or dates and times sorted from earliest to latest.
AutoFilter MenuA drop- down menu from which you have the right to filter a pillar by a perform of values, through a format, or by criteria.
Cell StylesA defined collection of formatting characteristics, such together font, font size, font color, cell borders, and also cell shading.
Comma Delimited FileA record type that conserves the materials of the cell by put commas between them and an end-of-paragraph note at the end of each row; additionally referred to as a CSV file.
Comparison OperatorsSymbols that evaluate each worth to identify if the is the exact same (=), greater than (>), less than (<), or in in between a range of values as specified by the criteria.
Compound CriteriaThe use of two or much more criteria top top the same row- all problems must be met because that the records to be had in the results.
Compound FilterA filter the uses an ext than one condition- and also one that offers comparison operators.
CriteriaConditions that you specify in a reasonable function.
Criteria RangeAn area on her worksheet wherein you define the criteria because that the filter, and which indicates just how the displayed records room filtered.
CSV (Comma be separated Values) FileA document type in i m sorry the cells in each row are separated through commas; additionally referred to together a comma delimited file.
Custom FilterA filter through which you have the right to apply complicated criteria to a single column.
Custom ListA kind order the you have the right to define.
DatabaseAn arranged collection that facts pertained to a particular topic.
DescendingThe hatchet that refers to the setup of text that is sorted alphabetically native Z to A, number sorted from highest possible to lowest, or dates and also times sorted from latest to ealiest.
Detail DataThe subtotaled rows that room totaled and also summarized; typically adjacent to and either above or to the left of the summary data.
Extract1. Come decompress, or pull out, files kind a compressed form. 2. The place to which friend copy the documents is the Extract area, and also is generally placed listed below the table that data. Utilizing this technique you have the right to extract- traction out- multiply sets the data because that comparison purposes.
Extract AreaThe ar to which friend copy records once extracting filtered rows.
FieldA single peice of details that is stored in a recored.
FilteringA procedure in which only the rows that satisfy the criteria dispay; rows that do not satisfy the criteria space hidden.
FindA command the finds and also selects certain text or formatting.
Freeze PanesA command that permits you to pick one or more rows or columns and also freeze them right into place; the locked rows and also columns become separte pane.
Go ToA command that moves to a specific cell or selection of cells that you specify.
Go come SpecialA command the moves to cell that have actually special characteristics, because that example, come cells that are empty or come cells the contain constants, as opposed to formulas.
HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)A language net browsers deserve to interpret when you conserve a worksheet together a net page.
HyperlinkText or graphics that, when clicked, take you to one more location in the worksheet, to another file, or to a net page top top the internet or on her organization's intracet.
List1. A collection of rows that includes related data that you can team by adding subtotals. 2. A category of SmartArt graphics supplied to display nonsequential information.
Major SortA term sometimes used to describe the an initial sort level in the sort dialog box.
Or to compare OperatorThe to compare operator that requires only one of the two comparison criteria that you clues to it is in true.
PanesA portion of a worksheet window bounded by and separated from other portions through vertical and horizontal bars.
PDF (Portable file Format)A record format the creates photo that preservation the look at of your file, yet that cannot be quickly changed; a famous format because that sending documents electronically, due to the fact that the paper will screen on most computers.
QueryThe process used come ask a question of the data in a database.
RecordAll the category of data pertaining to one person, place, thing, event, or idea.
ScalingThe team of commands by which you can reduce the horizontal and also vertical dimension of the printed data by a percentage or through the number of pages that you specify.
SortThe procedure of arranging data in a certain order based upon the value in every field.
Sort Dialog BoxA dialog crate in i m sorry you deserve to sort data based on several criteria at once, and which allows a sort by much more than one shaft or row.
SplitThe command that allows you to check out separate parts of the exact same worksheet on her screen; splits the home window into muliple resizable panes to view distant parts of teh worksheet in ~ one time.
Subtotal CommandThe command the totals several rows of related data with each other by immediately inserting subtotals and also totals because that the selected cells.
Tab Delimited text FileA document type in i beg your pardon cells room separated by tabs; this form of document can be conveniently exchanged with assorted database programs.
ThemeA predesigned set of colors, fonts, lines, and fill impacts that look good together and also that deserve to be applied to your entire paper or to details items.
WildcardA character, for example the asterisk or inquiry mark, provided to search a ar when you space uncertain that the exact value or when you desire to widen the search to include much more records.
.xlsx paper Name ExtentionThe default layout used by Excel 2010 to conserve an Excel workbook.

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XPS ( XML document Specification)A record type, developed by Microsoft, that provides precise visual depiction of a file across applications and also platforms.