Ironically, among the clearest indicators that you could need glasses is the inability to review an really sign. However, over there are plenty of other ideas that have the right to reveal if your eyesight needs correcting v glasses (or contact lenses). As I typically tell my patients that aren’t dazzling to be needing glasses, about 60% that the world’s population requires vision correction and also 80% of every visual handicap can it is in avoided or corrected.

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Two main species of vision problems


William B. Dieck, MD, FAAO

Nearsighted: an obstacle seeing far away. people with myopia (nearsightedness) can see near objects plainly but objects furthermore away appear blurred. Myopia occurs if the eyeball is too lengthy or the cornea (the clean front covering of the eye) is too curved. Together a result, the light entering the eye isn’t focused correctly, and distant objects watch blurred.

Farsighted: challenge seeing nearby up. people with hyperopia (farsightedness) have the right to see distant objects very well yet have difficulty focusing ~ above objects increase close. The eyes have to work more difficult in stimulate to focus which can result in headaches, eye fatigue and also long-term effects.

Many symptoms can signal you need glasses

The following 10 symptoms might reveal the it’s time to gain glasses. Keep in mind, though, the the only means to accurately diagnose a vision trouble is to watch an eye care professional.

Trouble see up close or far away. If friend can’t identify an object, human or sign that’s 20 feet away, or if girlfriend are having trouble analysis newspaper or newspaper print, you may be developing farsightedness or nearsightedness. If you find it daunting to check out objects both near and far, that may be astigmatism, a typical condition involving a curvature the the eye lens or cornea.Difficulty see at night. If her night vision is deteriorating come the allude where you really can’t see points accurately at night, you might be experiencing indications of early on cataracts, which have to be check as quickly as possible.Trouble adjusting from dark to light. If it takes your eyes a lengthy time to readjust after seeing bright lamp on the highway, that likely means the muscles that assist your iris contract and expand space weakening, many likely because of age.Difficulty seeing computer screen images clearly. This may signal farsightedness. Shot this test: start each job looking at the exact same page and see if your vision worsens. Also, sitting also close come the screen may signal nearsightedness. Eye strain or fatigue. do your eyes feel exhausted after 20 minutes of reading? Eye fatigue results indigenous blurry vision or continually squinting or blinking to bring items right into focus. The can also occur from constant driving, creating or reading/typing/interacting through a mobile phone. If possible, shot taking consistent breaks indigenous this activities but if the eye exhaustion persists, view your eye doctor.Frequent headaches. periodically the mechanism stops working that helps the cornea and lens emphasis on images, forcing the little muscles in the eye to occupational harder. The result is eye strain, which can lead come headaches. In other words, as soon as you squint, it can cause headaches, and you might need glasses. Double vision. Seeing twin may indicate difficulties with your cornea or eye muscles. The can also be a symptom that cataracts. If she experiencing twin vision, see your eye treatment professional immediately. Wavy vision. are objects beginning to look favor they are under water? when straight lines appear distorted, or colors look at faded, it might be a authorize of macular degeneration, the degradation of the central portion the the retina and a leading reason of vision loss.Seeing halos. seeing halos approximately objects (usually an ext pronounced in the dark) might signal that you are developing cataracts or night vision problems.
 Eye pressure. If friend feel push behind the eye, it may be a authorize of glaucoma, which is very treatable. Press buildup can damage the optic nerve the transmits pictures to her brain, yet not everyone who experiences eye pressure has glaucoma. If this concerns you, it’s necessary to acquire it checked.

The prominence of regular eye exams

While the presence of one or much more of these symptoms doesn’t mean a guarantee vision problem, one eye test is recommended together a precaution. It is essential to have actually a qualified eye medical professional examine your eyes to know what’s causing these changes. It’s the just true method to discover out if you require glasses, and to enhance your power of observation.

Do you think you might need glasses? please come watch us.

If you space experiencing any kind of of the symptoms detailed above, including headaches or distorted vision, you re welcome call (914) 232-1919 to do an appointment with among our Westchester Health eye experts for a comprehensive eye exam. The sooner we can accurately diagnose her vision problem, the faster we can help you see an ext clearly. Whenever, where you need us, we’re right here for you.

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By William B. Dieck, MD, FAAO, Director, Ophthalmology Division, vice President, Westchester Health, member of Westchester health Physician Partners

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