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The setting of this story is actually a small town"s key square, "right in former of the court house," in the middle of the night, just as the "old clock in the tower was striking twelve." The fact that a black guy is lynched in level sight, in the very...

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The setting of this story is actually a little town"s key square, "right in prior of the court house," in the center of the night, just as the "old clock in the tower to be striking twelve." The fact that a black male is lynched in plain sight, in the very center the the town, mirrors just how accepted and unremarkable an occasion it is because that a white mob to murder a black color man. The narrator the the story remarks that civilization must have driven in their cars come come check out the lynching from "Phenix City," a city in Alabama.

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In terms of the story"s plot, the narrator is a young young from Cincinnati, evidently unused to see things choose one look at in Alabama, and also he to be at his uncle"s residence when some males came and also said there to be a party in the square. When they come at the "party," the boy sees a black man being hosted captive through a lot of whites. That is cold and rainy, and also it i do not care clear the the crowd is going come burn the male to death. As he burns and the crowd watches, an plane appears overhead in the storm. That keeps flying over the square, and also it wake up to the narrator that the pilot might be perplexed by a substantial fire. The mob think the aircraft is going come land, and also many operation for your cars. The aircraft hits some power lines, some of which fall and also electrocute a white mrs in the crowd; she dies immediately. The narrator return to look at the black color man, all on fire now, and the burning man asks because that someone to cut his throat, to present him that tiny mercy, however Jed Wilson, the evident ringleader of the mob, explains that there room no Christians over there tonight, only Americans. As soon as the fire burns with the ropes that bind the black color man, that rolls out of the flames to the narrator"s feet. The mob shoves him back into the flames, and the narrator ultimately runs off to vomit from the smell and also sickening revulsion that feels at what he has actually just witnessed. The following day, his uncle makes fun that him, calling that the ""gutless wonder indigenous Cincinnati,"" and he speak the boy that he will "get used to it in time," evidently introduce to the brutal lynching of black people.

I think the key theme conveyed by this story centers about the incredible and also horrifying brutality that mobs will perpetrate if provided the opportunity. That is as though, in a crowd, people lose their humanity. More specifically, the story conveys just how the racism and also prejudice the white people can override even a religious obligation to treat other world with mercy and love.