To eliminate or display rulers, click the ribbon to screen the _____ tab and then click the view Ruler examine box. (WD 5)
To get in a blank line in a document, _____. (WD 7)press the ENTER crucial without typing any text on the line
____ permits you to kind words in a i continually without pressing the ENTER an essential at the end of each line. (WD 8)Wordwrap
A _____ underline shows the text might be incorrect grammatically. (WD 9)Green Wavy
A paper _____ is a collection of unified formats for fonts, colors, and graphics. (WD 14)Theme
Characters the are somewhat thicker and darker 보다 others are dubbed _____. (WD 29)Bold
To check out the whole page on the screen at once, click view on the ribbon to display screen the check out tab | Zoom group, and also click the _____ button. (WD 30)One Page
A selected graphic shows up surrounded by a an option rectangle, which has tiny circles and also squares, referred to as _____. (WD 35)Sizing Handles
To return a graphic to its original size, click the size Dialog box Launcher, click the dimension tab, and click the _____ button. (WD 37)Reset
The small white circle attached to the top of a selected graphics is called a _____ . (WD 38)Rotate Handle
A _____ is a named team of formatting characteristics, including font and font size. WD 70Style
_____ is the amount of vertical an are between present of message in a paragraph. WD 72Line Spacing
A ____ is message and/or graphic that publish at the optimal of each page in a document. WD 74Header
Word has actually an _____ feature, where it predicts part words or phrases as you room tying and displays its forecast in a ScreenTip. WD 78Auto Complete
If you execute not desire to save a readjust automatically make by Word, you can undo the change by clicking the Undo switch on the Quick accessibility Toolbar, or by pressing _____. WD 87CTRL+Z
Because Word papers use variable character fonts, the dominance is come _____ after ~ periods, colons, and other dot marks. WD 88press the spacebar just once
A superscript is provided as a(n) _____ come signal that a note exists one of two people at the bottom the the web page or at the end of a document. WD 92Note recommendation Mark
You deserve to look ~ above the _____to view the total number of words in a document. WD 100Status Bar
A _____ web page break is one the you force into a file at a details location. WD 105Manual
_____ is the procedure of placing item on the Office Clipboard, while leaving the article in the document. WD 111Copying
A _____ is a graphic the you create using Word. WD 142drawing object
When the computer mouse pointer alters to a(n) _____, you deserve to drag native the upper-left edge to the lower-right edge to form the wanted location and also size of a shape. WD 143Crosshair Pointer
An ______ graph is one the is top top a worksheet.

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With a graphic selected, you would certainly click the _____ button to eliminate all formatting. WD 154Reset Picture
When you form an email address, Word’s _____ as You kind feature immediately formats it as a hyperlink. WD 163Auto Format
To remove all tab stops, click the _____ switch in the Tabs dialog box. WD 169Clear All
A(n) _____ is a special room character that avoids two native from dividing if the an initial word falls at the end of a line. WD 173Nonbreaking Space
In a word table, the intersection the a row and a pillar is referred to as a(n) _____. WD 174Cell
The table resize handle is a _____ that appears when you suggest to a corner of a table. WD 178Small Square
You can press the _____ crucial to relocate to the next cell in a table. WD 179Tab
If girlfriend use point mode to get in a formula or choose a range, you should press the ______key to complete the entry.ENTER
You can rotate text counterclockwise by entering a number in between 1 degree and ____ degrees on the Alignment sheet in the style Cells dialog box.180
Press the __ crucial to lock in location the cell recommendation in an Excel formula.F7
A formatting note is a character the Word displays on the screen yet is ______ on a printed document.not visible
______ is the small black square located in the lower-right edge of the hefty border around the active cell.Fill handle
In Word, the default tabs are areas at _____ intervals ~ above the half inch
There are _____ that are provided to develop resumes.templates
Selected placeholder text automatically is _____ once you start typing.deleted
To center cell entries across columns, to mark the cells, push ______.merge/center button
To format Numbers in the Worksheet v a Floating dissension Sign, highlight the cells to be formatted, right-click_____.Click layout cells
The _________ duty sums the number in the range and climate divides the sum by the variety of cells in the range.AVERAGE
A ________ is a particular location on a warehouse medium.Folder
An alias used with a password come grant accessibility to accounts and websites.Username
On a column chart, the ________ identifies the colour assigned to each bar in the chart.legend
Use a(n) _______________ in a cabinet to go into numbers together text.apostrophe
How plenty of times do you return after the dateline in a letter?Four Times
Excel opens a brand-new workbook with ____________
When copy a selection of cells using the drag and also drop method, you an initial point to the border the the selected range so that the computer mouse pointer alters to a(n)_________.cross hair
When Excel instantly sets the broad of a column based on the widest entry in the column, that is called fit
To get in column title that show up on 2 lines in ~ a cell, form the first word, press _____ and form second word.Alt + Enter
The _____, called the major tab, consists of the more frequently offered tools.Home Tab
When a red wave appears under a indigenous is method the indigenous isincorrect
____ is an instance of an alignmentCenter
The key-board shortcut for select ALL is ____CTRL + A
The key-board shortcut for paste is ___CTRL + V
The keyboard shortcut because that COPY is ____CTRL + C
A ______ is text and graphics that publish at the bottom of every page.Footer
A research document is ______ spaced.double
In the header when writing a study paper, her last name and the page number need to be _____.Right-aligned
To insert a brand-new citation you need to be top top the ______ ribbonReferences
A __________ is the works with of the intersection the a column and a row; for instance A1.Cell Reference
__________ involves developing a single cell through combining 2 or an ext selected cells.Merging Cells
A _________ is a prewritten formula the is constructed into excel.Function
_____ is the first thing that needs to be done to include a chart in to Excel?Select a selection of data
An Excel _____ enables data to be summarized and also charted easily.worksheet
The _____ box displays the energetic cell reference.Name
The _____ attribute of Excel works behind the scenes, correcting typical mistakes once you finish a message entry in a cell.AutoCorrect
When you enter numeric data in a cell, Excel establish the values as numbers and also _____ the values.right-aligns
A _____ is a series of 2 or an ext adjacent cell in a column or row or a rectangular group of cells.range
A coming before _____ cautions Excel the you are entering a formula or role and not text.equal sign
Font size is gauged by a measurement system called _____.points
The _____ command ~ above the Clear food selection is the just command that clears both the cabinet entry and also the cell formatting.Clear All
If the complying with arithmetic to work ( +, *, /, ^) every are uncovered in a formula v no parentheses, which one is perfect last?plus
When friend copy a formula v a loved one cell recommendation down a row, the row referrals _____ in the formula.change
The _____ function is used to identify the lowest number in a provided range.MIN
To assign a dollar authorize to appear immediately to the left of the an initial digit with no spaces, use a _____ dollar sign.floating
Greater than is a _____ conditional formatting operator found in the new Formatting ascendancy dialog box.valid
Excel contains a(n) _____ you have the right to use to check a worksheet for spelling errors.spell checker
A(n) _____ is text and graphics that publish at the bottom of each page.footer
_____ space values in cells that you can readjust to determine brand-new values for formulas.Assumptions
The _____ is a short-term storage area in the computer’s storage that permits you to collect text and graphics from an Office document and then dough them into virtually any other type of document.Office Clipboard
_____ format symbols include all of the adhering to symbols -- dissension sign, comma, and percent sign.valid
A _____ mirrors the day a workbook, report, or other document was produced or the time duration it stamp
A formula making use of the _____ cell referral B4 instructs Excel to change the cell reference as it duplicates it to the destination area.relative
Excel screens the following _______ ##### in cell that space not large enough to display entire entry.error message
The _____ function evaluates the selected data and also makes suggestions concerning which chart types will administer the most perfect representation.Recommended Charts
When friend _____ a worksheet, Excel enlarges the check out of the characters on the screen, but displays under columns and also rows.

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When working through a huge worksheet, girlfriend can separation the window into 2 or four _____ to view different parts the the worksheet in ~ the same time.panes