OSHA tells united state that a forklift nameplate (also called the forklift data plate) provides crucial information because that the forklift operator, consisting of the fuel type, forklift weight, and also capacity. Operators need to read the nameplate to know the forklift’s capabilities and also limitations.

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Taking possession of a brand new or new-to-you forklift is fun. Among the reasons the human being at Toyota are so devoted to manufacturing and selling forklifts is that they are really cool machines. For this reason I know operators are excited to run on their brand-new lift and also get come work. No to worry. We want you to enjoy and also use her Toyota forklift to get your job-related done safely and efficiently.

What info Is ~ above a Forklift Data Plate?

Sometimes referred to as a volume plate or a forklift nameplate, the forklift data plate consists of important details such together weight, fuel type, and also forklift load capacity. Associates must read the data plate throughout training and also before use to help build the society of safety in your facility.

Relatively quickly, you’ll require to understand some rapid information about your forklift’s capabilities. Luckily, a forklift data bowl is installed on every truck on the sector to assist you recognize what her forklift deserve to do and provide crucial information. Allow me carry out a guide that can aid you check out your data plate and start lifting better using all of the readily accessible information.

Serial Number: The serial number on your lift is the most necessary number available for technician communication. The model serial number combination will allow techs to match parts and also understand her particular maker before castle arrive.Mast Type: Toyota has various varieties of masts consisting of 2-stage, 3-stage, and also 4-stage the vary relying on your details forklift model and also selected specifications to fulfill your needs.Fuel Type: shows whether the device is it is provided by power (E), liquid propane (LP), diesel (DS), gasoline (G), or compressed natural gas (CNG).Back Tilt: This number to represent the degrees ago the mast deserve to tilt to help keep lots on the forks securely (6 degrees in this example).Attachments: This lets you recognize what attachments have been added to the forklift to offer you a clear indication the its capabilities. In the pictured data plate, we check out the side-shifter is in place, an interpretation the carriage deserve to be change left or right.Front Tread: The prior tread the a forklift is equivalent to its as whole width. It’s like a forklift’s footprint and helps work managers and operators understand the an are a forklift will certainly take up in the working environment.Truck Weight: The in its entirety weight that the truck.Forklift Diagram: The forklift diagram supplies several data points that are essential for knowledge the role of her forklift. This can assist you know what her forklift have the right to lift and how it have the right to maneuver in your workspace.The horizontal load centerThe vertical pack centerThe maximum fork heightThe maximum street the forks have the right to be offset from forklift’s centerline

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